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Entering the Monolith: how to send tokens to your wallet

Monolith is built on Ethereum, which means you can receive tokens from any Ethereum address and use them within the app. While using Ethereum to send tokens is pretty simple, it can take some getting used to. This guide explains how to send them to your Monolith wallet from another address, as well as how to add unsupported tokens so that they show up in your wallet. Read on to learn more.

Sending tokens

1. Copy Wallet Address

Start by opening the Monolith app. Hit the blue ‘+’ icon followed by ‘Receive Tokens’ and select ‘Copy Wallet Address’ to get your main account address.

Copying the main account address via the ‘Receive tokens’ screen

2. Paste your address

Paste your Monolith address into the ‘Send’ field of the wallet you’re sending from.

3. Send tokens

Confirm your transaction, ensuring that you have a small amount of ETH to cover the gas fee.

4. Check the app

Check the transaction has been processed by hitting the ‘Activity’ tab or refreshing the home screen on the app. You should also receive a push notification when the transaction is complete.

You’ll receive a push notification when you receive crypto in your wallet

The Monolith wallet supports most popular ERC-20 (Ethereum-compatible) tokens. The full list of available tokens can be found here. It’s worth noting that you can still send other ERC-20 tokens to your address, but only supported tokens will automatically show in the app. Read below to learn more about adding tokens.

Adding unsupported tokens in MetaMask

While Monolith supports most popular ERC-20 tokens, there are some that will not show up in the app.

If you add an unsupported ERC-20 token to your Monolith wallet, you can add it to MetaMask by taking the following steps:

1. Install MetaMask

Download the MetaMask browser. Make sure you have the correct link — scammers often pose as crypto companies to carry out phishing attacks on users. MetaMask is compatible with Brave, Chrome and Chromium.

2. Import your Seed

Once you’ve opened MetaMask in your browser, select ‘Get Started’ followed by ‘Import Wallet.’ You’ll need your Monolith Seed to import your wallet — you can find it in-app by selecting the ‘Settings’ tab and hitting ‘Back up Seed’ under the ‘General’ menu.

The words from your Seed must be typed in the same order from 1 to 12. You’ll also need to enter a new password and make a note of it.

If you already have another MetaMask wallet, you may need to use it on a separate browser.

Important note: we recommend storing your Seed offline in a safe place. Avoid keeping it anywhere online, as it could be compromised.

Importing your Seed with MetaMask

3. Add Token

Make sure you are on “Ethereum Mainnet” by checking the grey drop down menu in the top right hand corner, and select “Add Token”. You can either search for your token or select the “Custom Token” tab.

Find the Token Contract Address using either CoinGecko or Etherscan and paste it in the field.

The Token Symbol and Token Decimal should automatically update.

Select “Next” then “Add Tokens” and the back arrow to go back to your account.

4. Check the app

The token should now appear in your MetaMask wallet.

In the example below, we add TOKE (Tokemak).

Adding an unsupported token via MetaMask


Ethereum is groundbreaking technology. It offers a way to transfer value across the Internet in a fully decentralised manner without relying on any third party intermediaries. As Monolith is based on Ethereum, you can send tokens to your wallet on the blockchain from any other address on the network. While our wallet supports most major ERC-20 tokens, you can also add unsupported tokens with just a little bit of knowhow. Now you have all the information you need, why not try sending some tokens to your wallet now?

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