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📬 How to withdraw your TKN from Bittrex

To TKN holders with TKN still held in Bittrex.

Toward the end of 2017 we announced that Bittrex would be delisting TKN from their market platform, effective 8th of December of that year. Please be aware that Bittrex have announced that they will be removing wallet support for TKN and a handful of other tokens on January 30th, 2019 (Read more on their FAQs).

The above means that if you have TKN stored on Bittrex, you will need to withdraw your TKN prior to January 30th. After this date, TKN funds on Bittrex will become unrecoverable. Some of our users have been in touch asking how to retrieve their TKN, so we’ve put together a quick step-by-step guide for our Community explaining how to withdraw TKN from Bittrex.

Step one: Head to on your preferred browser and sign-in. From there, click ‘Wallets’ in the top left corner to view your balances. If you have TKN stored with Bittrex, you’ll see a value greater than 0.

Step two: To withdraw your funds, you’ll need to press the red ‘Withdraw’ icon.

Please note that in order to withdraw your TKN, you’ll need a wallet that can store TKN. In this case, we’ll be using Cipher, although you could use a number of other wallets depending on whether you’re on desktop or mobile. For desktop users, you could also use MEW, for example. 🔌 Once our TokenWallet is live in the world, you would of course be using that — if you want a sneak peek, get involved in the TokenAlpha by signing up here!

Step three: If you’re using Cipher, tap ‘Receive’ to load up your wallet address to send your TKN to. Please note that you’ll need to add TKN to your list of tokens — to do this, tap ‘Add Tokens’ and select ‘TokenCard Monolith’.

Step four: Copy your wallet address from Cipher and paste it into the Withdrawal screen on Bittrex (tap the red icon on desktop to bring up this screen).

Step five: Select the amount of TKN you’d like to transfer from Bittrex to your wallet. Please be sure to withdraw all your TKN, as you will not be able to access it after January 30th. Tap ‘Available: nTKN ’ to instantly add the maximum balance available in your wallet.

Step six: Confirm your selection by clicking “Withdraw TKN” on Bittrex — you’ll need to confirm your transaction via an automated email for security purposes, and then you’re good to go!

Once the transaction has gone through (this can take a few minutes), you’ll be able to see your updated TKN balance in your wallet of choice. Be sure to check your Bittrex TKN balance to ensure that you have withdrawn all your funds.

And that’s that! If you have any questions on how to withdraw your funds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on Twitter @tokencard_io, or check out Bittrex’s FAQs HERE.

An update on TKN’s Liqui delisting

In October 2018, we announced to our Community that TKN would be delisted from the Liqui exchange, at which point any TKN left in Liqui would no longer be recoverable.

We’re happy to announce that Liqui have extended the period for withdrawing TKN — users with TKN in Liqui can now head to the exchange, access their balance, and withdraw their assets for a brief period! The below is an official announcement from Liqui 💬

“[T]hose who have not withdrawn delisted CFI, TAAS, EDG, MCO, MGO, WAVES, BAT, MLN, TKN, MYST, ICN, TIME, REQ, NET, XID, PTOY, NEU, ZRX, REN, AE, DNT, QRL, SNM, SRN, STX will be able to access balance and withdraw them… For some delisted Digital Assets we may provide equivalent in BTC.

“You will be able to withdraw your Digital Assets through [Liqui’s] website within 30 days after this message was published [December 28th, 2018].”

Read more at Liqui’s official blog.

Thanks — Team Token



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