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In Conversation: bike4peace’s Alexandros talks using Monolith as a digital nomad

Community is at the core of everything we do at Monolith. We spend a lot of time checking in with our community to see how we can improve our offering, and we’re always happy to hear from our loyal supporters. One of our biggest proponents is Alexandros Tsachouridis, a digital nomad who’s currently cycling around the world for his bike4peace project. Alexandros is on a mission to raise $1 million to get from Mexico to Argentina on two wheels, and he’s been using Monolith along the way.

Alexandros discovered Monolith in 2020, and he’s become a believer in the future of Ethereum and DeFi. Originally hailing from Greece, his experiences of living in a country with economic struggles laid the foundations for his passion for decentralised finance. We caught up with Alexandros while he was cycling through Mexico to learn about his love for Ethereum and DeFi, why he’s raising $1 million through bike4peace, and how Monolith has helped him on his journey across the world.

How did you discover Monolith?

At the start of 2020, I had lunch with the CEO of SynBiotic, Lars Müller. He’s well known in digital entrepreneur circles for having big ideas about healing people through the benefits of cannabinoids. Apart from that, the digital nomad scene is still small, similar to crypto in a way. So we all know each other and spend a lot of time talking about the problems that come with a centralised banking system. During our conversation, he suddenly pulled out a green Visa card and said “This is the solution, my friend.”

On the table was an amazing green card that had a tag that simply said “Monolith”. That was the moment I began to understand that we are heading towards a decentralised finance system, and I knew I wanted to be part of it at its early stage. I checked out Monolith and ordered a card straight away the same day.

What drew you to start using DeFi over traditional banking services?

Coming from Greece, I’ve had the experience of seeing the government and banks say “No money leaves the country, and you can not take your money out of the ATM.” That made me realise that “my money” is not my money at all. It’s in the hands of others, and I don’t like this. I spend a lot of time focusing on my personal development, including my health, mind and body. I thought that I should care about my finances in the same way; I am responsible for them. Decentralised finance feels like a door to a new world, and Monolith is the key — that is for sure.

What do you like about the product over other crypto cards?

First of all, I prefer to remain within the Ethereum ecosystem. I consider Ethereum a revolution in DeFi, so I want to stay part of it. Monolith offers me this option, and the truth is, nobody else offers this experience in the same way. You are unique in this field, and I love how the app is amazingly fast and user-friendly. The customer journey and ease of use are simply great. Coming from an e-commerce background, I can definitely say that Monolith gives users the best experience possible. The thing I love about Monolith is that, unlike other service providers, my funds won’t disappear if everything else does. When friends ask me how that’s possible, I tell them: because I deployed my own wallet I do not depend on Monolith, I can count on the Ethereum network and the wider ecosystem.

Alexandros, pictured with his bike and Monolith Card

Can you tell us about bike4peace?

Of course, thank you very much for asking me. In 2011, I started to travel the world with no money and an old bike that I found in my parents’ basement in Greece. The bike was 15 years old, and probably worth about $50. I took some clothes and decided to do a 100KM trip from my parents’ house to Athens. Do not ask me what happened, but it turned out that I continued from Athens and didn’t return for another five years. I travelled to India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and almost all of the Balkans by bike. I started to write about those experiences of travelling with no money on my website to show that people my age (I was in my 20s at the time) that life is not made from what money you make, but the experiences you make with others. bike4peace is my life and I grew with those experiences and decided to do something bigger. I call it “The One Million Dollar Bike Trip”. It’s a 15,000KM journey from Sayulita in Mexico across North, Middle and South America to Patagonia in Argentina. I’m embarking on a charity bike trip to raise awareness and $1 million for 100 non-profit organisations. I’m currently in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz.

Can you explain how using Monolith on your travels has helped you?

Since I have both the Monolith app and card, I have to say that the biggest turning point in my life is the fact I feel safe with Monolith. I believe in DeFi, I believe in maths and smart contracts rather than people working in banks when it comes to finance. During this trip, I use the Monolith Card once or twice per week to collect money and pay for things. The card works easily in combination with the app, and it’s super easy to see the transaction I made, and any fees. The fees are small, and I’ve also benefited from investing into ETH last year. With some of the profits, I’ve bought TKN. With the upcoming release in Brazil, I have 100% confidence in the company. I can simply see from seeing Harry (community ambassador) supporting the community in an amazing way, through the epic customer support, and the ease of use of the app. I love it all.

Monolith offers a way to be part of the DeFi ecosystem and use my rewards from yield farming in the real world, all while travelling down to Patagonia. Having this experience in the Ethereum ecosystem makes me feel like I’m an early adopter in the crypto revolution. I suggest everyone in crypto to take a look at Monolith and follow their development, as I deeply believe you will become a leading enterprise in this field and I will proudly represent your services and stay a supportive ambassador of the project. Thank you very much for having me and all the best from Mexico.

Follow Alexandros Tsachouridis’ journey at bike4peace

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