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June 2018 Newsletter

Happy June! ʘ‿ʘ

We have been very busy this month, and we are excited to share some of our progress, ideas, and experiences.

We have celebrated Pride Month with a special edition of our logo, sadly it won’t stay like this forever, so enjoy it while it lasts…

Let’s dive right in!


TokenCard App

As some of you know, we released the Alpha App to members of our Discord Moderators team this week (, we wanted to give you a heads-up on the timeline we are looking at right now.

First off, we are testing on iOS devices for now. Android support will be discussed at a later date.

Alpha testing phase 1: We are currently getting feedback from our initial set of alpha testers, we will be working on addressing their feedback and bugs they happen to find and as soon as we have fixed them we will move on to the next stage of testing.

Alpha testing phase 2: At this point in time, we will open up our alpha testing to the wider community, you active Discord and Reddit users, keep an eye out, we want you to help us build the future!

Beta testing: We will then be ready to move off of our TKN TestNet to the official test network Ropsten. At this point in time, our Smart Contracts will be in the open and our Bug Bounty Programme will kick in. We will open up our beta testing program to the even wider community.

Once the app and contract have stabilised on Ropsten we will commence our triple audits of our Smart Contract in preparation for pushing these to Ethereum.

The Discord server will be the quickest and easiest way for you to see updates and photos of the app, in the new #app-info channel.

Now, let’s look at the app!

Your Token Wallet Balances full of ETH and ERC20 compatible tokens.

An example of 5 Whitelisted Addresses.

A gif showcasing a transaction of 123 TKN to a Whitelisted Address.

Your transactions list, with the previous transaction’s tab open with details.


This is something that we see being asked frequently, so let’s answer it!

We will be honouring the Top 1000 MVP list, snapshotted on 29th May 2017. Please note that this will be worked on closer to the cards release and we will keep you updated on this progress.

A new fighter joins the battle!

Anna Mostyn Williams

This week, Anna joined us as the Head of Marketing. This is something that the community has wished for, for so long now, so we hope you give her a massive warm welcome and get excited for the skills she will bring to the Token table.

Anna has over ten years of experience, working for companies such as Xbox, Jagex (makers of the iconic game Runescape) and most recently the FinTech company Curve.

Anna’s career started in Film & TV, during which time she was a Set Production Assistant on The Golden Compass for New Line Cinema and worked on pieces for the Discovery Channel.

After completing an MBA at INSEAD in 2012, Anna joined Xbox where she was part of the team that launched Xbox One in the UK and worked on titles such as Sunset Overdrive, Dead Rising 3, and Minecraft. In 2015 Anna left Xbox and joined the FinTech company Curve as co-founder and marketing lead.

Anna is super excited to join the team, and don’t worry, you will hear from her soon!

Anna on Tuesday, giving us her introduction to the company!

In Case You Missed It!

Money 20/20

A lot of good things happened for TokenCard while we were at Money 20/20 in Amsterdam, we met a lot of interesting people and had many great chats. We were very positively received and we are excited to explore the new avenues M20/20 opened up for us.

Don’t forget to check in on our other Social Media channels.

Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Community Forum, Discord, WeiBo.



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