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Meet Brice, our Community Manager

Brice is our Community Manager, joining the TokenCard team to manage the community discussion and increase our presence both within the crypto community and outside of it.

TokenCard ICO flew under his radar — but once he discovered the project, he was thrilled of finally having a way to achieve one his goals: live his life in the Ether.

Without further ado, let’s hear from Brice on his journey so far…

Hello everyone. I’m Brice, 26 years old and freshly landed from Paris. I’m joining the TokenCard team to manage the community discussion and increase our footprint within and outside the crypto-community.

Hi Brice, tell us a little about how you got into crypto?

I’m an avid Redditor, so I first heard about Bitcoin around 2012–13. However, it took me a few years to really get interested and I finally read Satoshi’s Whitepaper, during the summer of 2017. I fell down the rabbit hole from there, and started reading everything I could obsessively: following the news, reading whitepapers, discussing it with newfound likely-minded friends, etc.

Why? What was the driving force behind the this?

When I discovered DLTs, I saw them as a potential tool for groups to finally have the ability to organise democratically at scale. I’ve been concerned about the centralisation of the Internet and the disappearance of citizens’ privacy for a while, so I saw DLTs as a second chance to achieve the promise of the “early days” of the Internet.

What did you do before joining the TokenCard team?

I helped SaaS tech startups find their audience — through content, SEO, social media, community building, and growth tactics. I’ve been working in the telecoms industry since the beginning of my career —side note — I see great potential for blockchains in the telco industry.

I’ve also helped an NLP/Chatbot company, Recast.AI, to build its developer community, and worked on occasional projects with several other clients ranging from API documentation to blog posts.

How did you make the jump into the world of Crypto?

In the summer of 2018, I decided it was time to align my personal values with my professional life. To get up to speed, I went on Bounty0X and tackled one content bounty a day — I wanted to write as much as I could about blockchains so that I would be ready to address it in a professional context.

However, content bounties get old quick. After delivering ~15, I moved on to higher quality content. I started Ecocrypto, an FR/EN bilingual media aiming to broaden the cryptosphere by welcoming non-technical and non-English speaking people and helping them get up to speed.

That taught me a lot about how to talk about cryptocurrency in ways that can involve and engage people outside the crypto community itself. Sadly, each article was about 20–30 hours of work — between the research, writing, translation and testing it with outsiders (huge thanks to my parents and friends for their patience!), so I no longer have time to maintain it.

I also started chatting with the teams of my favourite projects, providing them with feedback and suggestions.

What are your favourite projects in the space?

I see great potential with Ethereum, and I’m particularly excited about the DeFi movement. I think we are reaching a point where the Ethereum network is mature enough for synergies to emerge between different projects. I’m looking forward to the next step which is a deeper integration/linking of the various projects together; for instance, being able to open and manage a MakerDAO CDP straight from your TokenCard wallet!

Among the Ethereum ecosystem, my favourite projects include Enjin, MakerDAO and, of course, TokenCard!

I’m also closely following the development of some other protocols — mostly Cardano, Neo, and Ontology. They all offer credible and relevant alternatives to Ethereum, although they don’t have its maturity yet. I particularly appreciate Cardano's effort to explain their philosophy with a dedicated platform: Why Cardano?

Regarding NEO and ONT, I think that dBFT is an elegant solution which solves several fundamental issues we have with Proof of Work.

Great to hear! Where can I learn more about your work?

Above all else, the main hat I wear is that of writing content. If you want to get to know me better, I encourage you to check my articles. I have between 600 to 800 pieces published (it’s becoming hard to track!), but most of them don’t bear my name since they were written for clients.

However, I also make an effort to keep writing for my own pleasure. You’ll find that content on my Medium.

— 🎮 Discord| 👽 Reddit | 🐦 Twitter | 📜 Whitepaper| 🕸️ Website

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