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Monthly Recap: July 2022

The token world has faced an intense stress test over the past few months due to market volatility, but that hasn’t stopped us from building. While recent events have included price drops, hedge fund blow-ups, and liquidation cascades hitting major lending platforms, has been laser-focused on how our new product can contribute to the long-term future of the space. This month, we’ve made lots of exciting progress on the app itself and the various ways we’re engaging with the next generation of token adopters. Read more below.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptoassets is risky. Due to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market, investors run the risk of losing their funds when they make an investment. Returns from cryptoasset investing are not guaranteed, therefore users should always be aware of the risks.

Our new features help you track tokens

Our Stealth Launch is almost ready to launch and we’re about to start making the product available to customers across Brazil. The app experience is tailored towards helping customers explore the token universe through our Discovery screen and Collections and Cards; we’ve curated sets of tokens based on the most important themes in the ecosystem and included key information that everyone can understand.

Besides Collections and Cards and our other recent updates, we’ve added a host of new features focused on helping customers track their tokens and adjust their portfolios. They include more frequent token price updates and a 24-hour tracker to better reflect each token’s performance. We’re also adding a token tracker section to the Inventory screen, so customers will be able to see how their tokens have performed, and what that means for their portfolios. Plus, the app has opened withdrawals and added a button that enables one-click selling, so adjusting portfolios based on market conditions just got even easier.

A preview of our token performance tracker

We’re spreading the word (through collaboration and curation)

As launched in Brazil, where tokens are still relatively unknown in the wider population, spreading the word about the possibilities of tokenization and how our product offers an entry into a new world has been one of our biggest challenges. A big part of our strategy for onboarding new token adopters has been engaging with thought leaders to help shine the spotlight on our product.

We’ll be collaborating with prominent voices in the token ecosystem and inviting them to curate their own Collections. The idea is to build out the app by asking crypto experts to share their own sets of tokens, which should also bring new eyes to the project. In the future, we envision a world in which major brands, celebrities and artists issue tokens of their own, and people will be able to build token portfolios according to their personal interests. The early emergence of NFTs and fan tokens in 2021 showed the potential for how tokens could impact art and culture, so we’re excited to take a first step in this direction by focusing on collaboration, starting with leading figures in the cryptosphere. gets a makeover has had a makeover. We’ve given our website and the rest of our branding a refresh, paying close attention to how we can explain what we’re building in an accessible way. We know that many people perceive tokens and the broader cryptocurrency world as complex and isolating, so we’ve designed our website to be as simple as the application it was created for. explains who we are, how the product works, and why it’s a game changer for onboarding new people into the token economy, so anyone visiting us will be able to get a sense of our mission and the app experience.

Our design team has been particularly hard at work in bringing the brand to life; see the fruits of their endeavours for yourself below.

The new website

Looking ahead to our Soft Launch

While everything is set for our Stealth Launch, it will soon be time to move into our Soft Launch. At that point, we’ll be making contact with more customers, taking note of their feedback, and implementing any necessary changes to improve the app experience.

Our Soft Launch will allow us to fine-tune the app by gathering insights directly from the community. It’s essentially the next step towards our global rollout and plans for expansion this autumn.

That covers our latest steps for July 2022. Now that the app is officially live, it’s time to improve on what we’ve built and share it with the world. We’ll be back with another update soon, but in the meantime make sure to head to our website and let us know what you think of the revamp.

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