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Newsflash: a status update on

A note on everything we’ve been up to so far and a look into what’s on the horizon.

The story so far is an ambitious project that aims to define how the world engages with the token economy as it scales beyond our current toolset. Work on has been ongoing since the start of last year and we’re excited to have finally launched our first chapter in Brazil. This post gives a short update on where we are at and what’s on the horizon.

The Brazil launch

We’ve been live in Brazil for the past few weeks and have already onboarded over 4,000 customers, most of which has been organic traffic. We’re starting to engage with customers, taking learnings around the product experience and proposition whilst we prepare to expand the offering in the coming months.

Currently, offers a simple mobile money growth experience, leveraging the Anchor Protocol on the Terra blockchain to provide turbocharged growth. However, accessible DeFi-powered growth is just the beginning. We’re working on a number of big updates to that will be coming soon.

Evolving the product

We will soon be introducing the wider token universe to customers through the concepts of Collections and Cards. With Collections, we are curating tokens against common themes to help give meaningful context for exploring the different strands of the token world. Within each collection, tokens will be represented as unique Cards with key info and statistics summarised to help users get a sense of what each token does, without being overloaded with information.

We’ll draw from some of the most important tokens available today and provide information on each, and the number we offer will expand as the token economy does. The idea is to help every member of better explore the fascinating but increasingly complex world of tokens through an interface that brings the ecosystem to life.

An early preview of the Inventory screen

Integrating TKN will also integrate our native token, TKN. We launched TKN with our first product, the Ethereum-based Monolith wallet, and will be using it in our new product to offer holders special access to benefits such as exclusive token collections and enhanced yields.

We’ll be making TKN a key part of our offering and are developing plans that we hope will please both TKN holders and users alike. We can’t wait to share more details on this as they become available.

On the horizon

While’s journey starts in Brazil, the vision for the product spans far beyond one country. Following our Brazil rollout, we plan to expand to other parts of the world in the second half of the year.

Tokenization will change the world in ways we can’t yet imagine. By the end of the decade, 1 billion people worldwide will be using tokens every day. We intend to ensure that holds a place at the forefront of the global revolution and empowers people in every corner of the world.

While the full roadmap for will play out over several years, we’re excited to launch the first version of our product and welcome our first wave of users. The token economy is about to change everything. And this is the perfect time to join the movement.

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Monolith: everything you would expect from a bank, built for the DeFi economy.

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