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Newsflash: explore tokens with Monolith

We just updated the Monolith app.

We wanted to make it easier to interact with Ethereum, leverage the power of DeFi and watch your money grow, so we’ve added an explore tokens feature to our home screen. In the past, some members of our community have let us know that they found it hard to search for crypto tokens on the home screen.

Now, we’ve categorised them into a few key groups:

Spend — tokens you can spend with the Monolith Card

Swap — tokens you can swap with our ParaSwap integration

Earn — tokens that accrue interest when stored in the Monolith Wallet

DeFi Staples — the native tokens of DeFi’s most essential projects

Stablecoins — tokens that track the price of USD or another asset

Crypto Pioneers — wrapped, tokenized and original forms of the two leading cryptocurrencies

Recently Added — the latest additions to the Monolith Wallet

Spotlight — our latest highlighted tokens

Other — other tokens supported in the Monolith Wallet

We hope that this update makes it easier to navigate the Ethereum ecosystem using Monolith. Now go and try it for yourself.

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