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Newsflash: join our community check-in session

We’re organising another check-in session with our community.

It’s happening this Wednesday at 13:00 GMT, with our co-founder and CEO Mel Gelderman set to share details of our latest activity.

Mel’s been pretty busy talking all things Monolith lately — a couple of weeks ago he took part in a discussion with the Bankless team, but this time he’s preparing to answer questions directly via our Telegram channel. It’s your chance to get in touch and find out what we’ve been up to, where we’re headed in 2021, how we’re doing through lockdown — whatever you like, really — with one of the figures guiding our ship towards the decentralised future.

Mel will be hopping into our Telegram channel to answer questions from 13:00 on Wednesday, but you can also send over a message with your question in advance.

Join the chat here



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