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TokenCard is now Monolith — featuring the Monolith Visa Card and the app

TokenCard rebrands to Monolith to usher self-sovereign finance powered by Ethereum

We are thrilled to announce that TokenCard’s rebranding to Monolith. This rebrand represents the next evolution of the company, one which doesn’t just include a new name, but also comes with many exciting new features and additions.

We’ve been talking about the "Summer of Monolith" for a while, now it’s time for the fireworks! 🎆

Without further ado, let’s dive into all the exciting news we couldn’t wait to share:

🌟 Glimmering partnerships!

We are partnering with MakerDAO and Digix to bring Decentralised Finance (Defi) to the world. You can now top-up your Monolith cards with MKR, DGX and DGD, along with our original suite of tokens: DAI, ETH and TKN.

To celebrate this premiere, we will be giving away free DGX to our amazing community: you can find more details about the DGX bonuses here. It’s time to spend some gold!

Mel and Shaun Djie, Digix’s co-founder, will meet in Berlin during the Web3 Conference to go over the partnership and discuss all things Ethereum. Save the date: 📅 Tuesday, August 20 at 10 AM[ GMT + 2]

🏡 All tokens under one roof

We now support the most popular ERC-20 tokens in the Monolith wallet! Our goal is to eventually cover them all and we have a number of announcements coming down the pipeline — so watch this space!

💳 Monolith Branded Cards

Let’s not forget about the service that enables the spending of ETH & ERC-20 in the real world, today, at more than 65M+ point of sales worldwide: our Monolith Visa Debit cards!

It was about time to get them to look the part — they are unique and unparalleled after all, and now so is their design:

Get your Monolith card today

Oh, and by the way, the Monolith cards support Google Pay.

🧬 A new style, straight from the Ether

The cards are not the only ones getting a face-lift! We’ve updated our branding assets on all our main channels, as we’ve worked tirelessly to create a visual identity that is authentic, provocative, and bold enough to embody our vision of decentralised and trustless future.

Why Monolith?

The concept of Monolith stemmed from Arthur C. Clarke’s novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, where it represents mankind transcending into a new era. To us, Ethereum is the real-life analogy to the Monolith and it alludes to transcendence in the world economy through the introduction of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).

Our project, Monolith, brings Ethereum to life.

What’s next?

Our transition to Monolith is a significant milestone in our development, yet the journey is just beginning. We are working on many exciting projects — and we can’t wait to show you!

Step through the portal, and see you on the other side, Etherian.



Monolith: everything you would expect from a bank, built for the DeFi economy.

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