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What is Our new product explained

We’re currently preparing to launch our new product,

Set to go live in Brazil, is a revolutionary app that makes it possible to increase your wealth like never before. Unlike Monolith, which has found a dedicated user base with passionate Ethereum natives, is designed for new crypto entrants. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is on the cusp of exponential growth over the next decade, and we believe that the space needs to be more accessible to attract the next wave of adopters. As will soon go live, we wanted to put together a guide detailing how it will work. Read on to learn more.

The vision for

Now six years into its lifetime, Ethereum has been an enormous success, thanks in no small part to the advent of decentralised finance. DeFi, as it’s also known, has emerged as Ethereum’s main use case today, alongside NFTs.

DeFi offers a way to eliminate the need to trust intermediaries found in the traditional finance system and could radically transform our society, potentially improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

One of the most groundbreaking features of DeFi is the opportunity it creates to capture lucrative yields that far surpass any bank or traditional finance institution. There is huge demand for leverage in DeFi, which means it’s possible to earn yield from lending crypto assets. Moreover, many protocols have their own native tokens that represent ownership in the project. Some of them accrue value such as fees to users. This creates a landscape where DeFi users can earn generous yields for using various “money legos” in the ecosystem. Ethereum applications are sometimes described as “money legos” as the composability of DeFi allows users to stack activities on top of one another in endless combinations, almost like lego bricks.

DeFi has already launched a seismic shift in our understanding of value, but it comes with a lot of complications. The technology can be cumbersome and complex for many less experienced users. will leverage the best of DeFi and make it accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of experience in crypto. It will abstract away the complications associated with using DeFi applications and focus purely on helping users increase their wealth.

We want to create a way for everyone to access the magic of the tokenized world, and we believe that making DeFi easy and fun is the best approach for ushering in mass adoption. In a way, will feel more like a gaming experience than an app for interacting with groundbreaking financial tools.

But we are also looking to the future beyond DeFi.

While tokenization in its current form is most closely associated with DeFi and NFTs, we believe that it will open up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s clear that tokenization will change finance, but we believe that tokens will come to represent much more than yield-bearing assets or digital collectibles. We hope that will onboard users to this new world, starting with the burgeoning DeFi space.

Tokenization is sure to change the world. We believe that could be the app that introduces the technology to millions of people.

How it differs from Monolith

When we launched Monolith in 2017, we focused on giving our community a way to take control of their financial destiny.

It gave Ethereum users total freedom over their assets, with a Visa Card for spending crypto anywhere. Monolith has been a breakthrough in decentralized finance, and we’ve been fortunate to see the project attract a core group of Ethereum believers. will work differently to Monolith. It will be a custodial product, meaning the user will not have to manage a Seed like they do with Monolith.

It will empower through simplicity, providing an interface that’s easy enough for anyone to use. Where Monolith has been popular with crypto enthusiasts, is designed for the wider world.

It will create a way to access the magic of DeFi while stripping away the complexities that have presented a barrier to mass adoption.

The app will focus on helping users grow their money by capturing turbocharged interest rates. We think that DeFi is beginning to lay the foundations for the future of money, and we want to use to make the world-changing possibilities of the technology available to everyone.

Monolith and are distinct products offering different approaches to accessing the tokenized world, but they will also evolve alongside each other.

How we’ll leverage DeFi will empower users to build their savings by leveraging the generous yields paid in DeFi.

It will work by giving users the ability to deposit their assets with us so that they can be put to work in the DeFi ecosystem.

As is launching in Brazil, it will initially support the Brazilian real. When a user makes a deposit in the app, they’ll be able to start earning interest without even needing to click a button.

We will act as a missing link for users by converting fiat deposited to into stablecoins that can be put to work in DeFi.

Once we’ve converted fiat assets, we will deposit them to a DeFi protocol that has passed our safety checks.

The original deposit amount plus any yield accrued from making the deposit will then be paid to the user via the app. We’ll take a small fee for the service and the user will earn the bulk of the interest paid through DeFi directly to their account.

We’re employing rigorous checks to ensure that the DeFi protocol we use with is safe. We’re currently expanding our team and have hired a DeFi analyst responsible for researching the yield capturing opportunities available.

Our DeFi analyst and other members of our team will regularly assess the lending pools and other apps we use to ensure that we are operating to the highest standard possible.

We hope that this guide gives a clearer picture on how will work, and we look forward to sharing more on the first iteration of the app soon. As ever, you can reach out to us with any questions you may have and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone for your support — we can’t wait to embark on this next stage of our journey together.

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