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TokenCard update #004

Jun 19, 2017 · 3 min read

A month and a half has passed since the TKN Creation Event. We are well on our way to delivering on our first major milestone; the TokenCard MVP. As the thought leaders in our domain we are happy to say we continue to break new ground every day.

I want to reiterate again how appreciative we are of the community at large, and specifically of all of the participants in our crowdsale. We take the crowdsale’s success as a validation of our ideas and vision.

The funds now available have put us on an accelerated course towards the vision of a bankless future and our effort to truly offer a captivating product and experience beyond even that of our most formidable competitors, such as: Monzo, Revolut and Starling.

On the Competition

Within the challenger bank scene, we are witnessing a UI “revolution” of sorts: a series of attempts that repackage traditional banking without providing significant financial innovations for their users. With promises to offer ‘a new banking experience’ one can safely say ‘the future of banking’ looks bleak. Their success cannot be denied, as user counts are exploding, but their spirit is contrasted by their evident lack of tools needed to truly innovate.

Ethereum is that paradigm shifting tool and TokenCard is the accompanying answer to the mainstream legacy banking replacement: bringing actual innovation to the table of global consumer finance and delivering on the promises so easily paraded around by others.

The Ethereum black magic that allows people to become their own bank is what guarantees TokenCard a centre stage to shine bright amongst the crowd.

In the lead up to our crowdsale, we created a slack channel to explain and answer questions from the community about the product, the technology, and everything in between. Since the crowdsale’s completion, we do not believe Slack is the best use of our time. We are focused on delivering what we promised and currently need to commit every waking second to do so. However, we do believe that support and engagement from the community will not only result in a larger core user-base but also result in a superior product overall.


To pick up the slack, we are actively looking for people who share our passion for TokenCard and who can both represent us and engage consistently with the community at large. If you’re up for the challenge, please reach out to


  • We have accelerated our progress towards a long-term community harbour, and dedicated forum. This should promote constructive and structured discussions about the product itself and will be the long term hub for all things TokenCard.
  • Currently, there isn’t a great deal of resources for new users to educate themselves efficiently on what we are doing. To solve this, we are creating a comprehensive FAQ that addresses the questions we see popping up time and time again.
  • We’re hiring a dedicated content creator (and TokenCard enthusiast) who will be pushing out new and exciting material on a regular basis.
  • Finally, to keep the community up to speed, we’ll share some minor developer updates every Thursday (starting this week).


  • We recently opened our London HQ and will be posting about new hires soon.
  • Several developers have also joined our Seattle based team.
  • We’ve made general internal progress surrounding corporate structure, partnerships and business development. Major updates will be announced separately.

Much more to come soon.

~ TokenCard Team


Creators of the TokenCard platform.


Written by


Start living your life on #Ethereum. 🌌 Download Monolith, deploy your contract wallet and order your card today! 💳


Creators of the TokenCard platform.

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