Definitive TKN Creation Event Guide

Visit to contribute

Once the timer runs down to 0. Please hard refresh the page.
1. Open your wallet/browser of choice. works.
2. Get the contribution address from
3. Give your transaction enough gas:
Recommended: 300000 gas limit.
4. TKN will be credit to the address you sent from.


  • Starts 16:00 GMT 2nd May.
  • The TKN Creation Event will take place on
  • The TKN Contribution Address will be revealed only once the Creation Event starts, and only on the website.
  • Do not send Contributions directly from an exchange.
  • Read the TKN Contribution Terms.
  • TKN will be credited immediately to the address you send from.
  • TKN becomes transferable immediately following the conclusion of the Creation Event.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting the TKN smart contracts and you are only required to send your ETH or token contribution. No further action or ABI is needed.
  • The Creation Event spans 7 days at the longest.
  • If the 4,500,000 USD goal in ETH is contributed, the creation period will last a final 24 hours before ending.
  • The Creation Event will end immediately if at any point a total amount of $12,500,000 in ETH is contributed.
  • The Token Dials on the website are not caps! They are minimum quota for supporting the respective token at the MVP launch.
  • Non-ETH tokens do not contribute to this cap.
  • Non-ETH tokens require 6 confirmations to protect against double spend attacks.
  • The top 500 contributor addresses will be able to claim their Contributor TokenCard for the before the MVP launch.
  • TKN Github and Audits.
  • Contributions will be held in control of Monolith Studio GmbH.
  • We’re partnered with Bitcoin Suisse AG who will accept Fiat and BTC contribution on our behalf.

Other Tokens

As part of supporting a number of ERC20 tokens at TokenCard MVP launch, during the Creation Event we will also be accepting contributions in 8 tokens in exchange for TKN. Filling up the dials means that we have hit our quota to support that token at the MVP launch.

  • ETH (Ethereum)
  • SNGLS (SingularDTV) 5% bonus rate
  • DGD (Digix) 5% bonus rate
  • SWT (Swarm City)
  • REP (Augur)
  • GNT (Golem)
  • MLN (Melonport)
  • MKR (Maker)

The price of ETH is fixed right before the initiation of the Contribution Event using as the pricing source. Token prices are also fixed and have already been set at the following rates to reduce the chance of manipulation:

SNGLS 0.098 *1.05 = 0.1029
DGD 28.96*1.05 = 30.408
SWT 1.38
REP 16.12 
GNT 0.203 
MLN 36.70
MKR 75.40

The 1.05 multiplier for DGD and SNGLS is to bake the 5% bonus into the price

TKN:ETH Schedule

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