Tokencard Community Update July 14th

Last week we had a pretty in depth update, so this week we’re going to keep it short and mostly technical.

The New Alchemy development team is visiting our London office from July 17–21 to coordinate on the next phases of the project and also to finalize components the UI/UX. We’re excited to be able to sit down and get their input in person.

We’re also meeting up with the Wavecrest team next week to discuss different options for card issuance roll out.

Technical Updates

  • Fixed a connectivity issue related to new certs being applied to Wavecrest servers. Issue resolved and solution noted for future reference
  • API Callback implementation — 60% due 07.24
  • API RHA implementation — 90% due 08.01

Build and test APIs — in progress, due late July

  • Spending options
  • Spending limits
  • Security functionality
  • Charts and dashboards
  • Top tier UI/UX
  • Financial management tools
  • Credit card loading

Staging Implementation — Done

Staging Certification — in progress, due early August

  • API testing
  • Callback testing
  • RHA testing
  • Certification sign-off with WC

Essentially, this means we are still on track for a beta release on October 2nd and we look forward to sharing more updates with you next week.

Thanks for reading everyone!

The Tokencard Team

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