MONØkult Interview: David Gonçalves

Homebound Series — Searching through Fear & Abandonment

Anne Murayama
3 min readApr 20, 2020


A camera serves as a photographer’s mere yet sole extension of his eyes and mind. However, the way a photographer intricately alters his reality to extract lightness from darkness is what makes an image-maker exceptional.

Lisbon-born David Gonçalves believes in the immemorial ink that photography brings to the world. The way he weaves a visual story can only be completed when his viewers are able to interpret his photographs. To him, savoring the moment before it vanishes is the most essential part of his photographic process.

In 2018, David worked on a photo book entitled Umbra with a mission to discover religious entities and war fragments amidst the darkness and emptiness of what he encounters throughout his visual quests. In this work, he used photography as a tool in “saving what is yet to die.”

from “Umbra” by David Gonçalves. Portugal. 2018.

In his latest work, Aleixo, David explores the neighborhood which houses the largest drug supermarket in Northern Portugal. Set to be demolished due to severe drug trafficking, Barrio de Alexio and its families are struggling to beat the war against police authorities.

Aleixo is set to be launched this year. Meanwhile, details in English are here.

from “Aleixo” by David Gonçalves. Portugal. 2020.

We’re All Homebound

For this timely, but hopefully short-lived, installment of MONØkult Feature called Homebound Series, I am requesting selected photographers to unravel their creativity and capture 10 images in their confined, personal spaces. These are David’s.

shot exclusively for MONØMANIA by David Gonçalves. Lisbon, Portugal. 2020.

David’s bodies of work encompasses remnants from various European lands. Aside from Lisbon, he also frequents Porto, Saravejo, Kiev, and Berlin, among others. Exploring the outside world is part of his DNA as an image-maker, which is why the corona virus outbreak affects his workflow, but not entirely in a bad way.

Asked about how he deals with today’s global pandemic, David shares:

Now’s the right time to stop for a while and look for “new-old” images. This is a good chance to reflect about our projects and what we do as artists.

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Instagram: @ ni3tzch3_is_d3ad

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