Erin Cross. Tokyo, Japan. 2020.

MONØgraf Zines: Open Call №1

Black & white photography in the midst of a pandemic

Apr 22, 2020 · Unlisted

Japanese translation below.

We’re living in a strange, strange time.

While being productive isn’t a requirement during a global dilemma, some people with curious minds still need an outlet for their creativity in these trying times. Most of us, photographers, cannot endure the itch to go out and shoot. But being confined inside our homes shouldn’t mean the end of making pictures. Because for as long as the eyes see (and our hearts feel), photography will always be our ammunition.

Images AND words are more powerful.

For this new project, MONØMANIA aims to encourage photographers inside their homes to translate and magnify their feelings during these hard times. Take new pictures. Still life, portraiture; analog, digital. Anything is okay as long as it's in black & white. It’s your creativity.

All photo submissions must be accompanied by a handwritten note that further elaborates your emotions during this difficult time. Share with us how you honestly feel, the things you’ve realized, and what you’re hoping for. As this project is universal, writing in your native language is highly recommended.


MONØMANIA will accept as many entries as possible from all over the world. Twenty (20) or more strongest submissions will be carefully curated, sequenced, and then printed in Japan as a group photozine.

The panel of image-based artists who will select the best works are:

Timewise, this project is open-ended. As long as we all have to #stayhome to #savelives, MONØMANIA will continuously push for this visual movement for us to #staysane.

So that when we finally beat this thing — because we will — we can all look back and remember how resilient we were through the photographs we’ve created.

Guidelines for Submissions

Twitter: monomanialooove

*There is no payment required to participate, but if printing deems successful, contributing artists may have to shoulder shipping fees to get their own copies.

More information, such as publication and distribution details, will be made available on this page as the project progresses.

For any questions, email



より一層力強い イメージと言葉



#STAYSANE (#冷静を保とう)



  • 鈴木達朗 (ストリートフォトグラファー)
  • Meryll Soriano (女優、旅行写真家)
  • Mong Feliciano (映画監督)
  • Veejay Villafranca(ドキュメンタリー写真家)
  • その他、発表予定!

時間的に、このプロジェクトに終わりはありません。#savelives(命を救う) のために私たち全員が #stayhome(家にいること) が必要な限り、MONØMANIAは私たちが #staysane(冷静を保つ)のためにこの視覚的な運動を推進し続けます。



Twitter: monomanialooove



ご不明な点がございましたら、 までメールでお問い合わせください。

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