MONØkult Submission: Pasha Febrian

Drawing Wisdom from the Mountains

Apr 17, 2020 · 3 min read

About the Project

My fellow mountain trekkers always say, “The summit isn’t everything.”

Each step I take serves as wisdom: knowing my limitations and making peace with them. Every summit I reach bears friendship and teamwork. The scenic views are the rewards from the challenges I surpass. I need to preserve this wisdom, so it keeps growing within me.

I conclude it myself — mountain trekking is similar as the process of life.

About the Photographer

Pasha Febrian is a graphic designer and photographer from Jakarta, Indonesia. He documents social and cultural issues and also part of the Tangerang-based literacy movement called Baca Buku Foto. He has been mountaing trekking since 2014.

Instagram: @ pashaafebrian

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