Podcast: How To Be A Great Transit Planner — with Tania Wegwitz

Tania Wegwitz started her transportation career as a coin counter at BC Transit. Twenty years later, she‘s become one of the most experienced transit planners in Canada, having worked in big cities, tiny towns and everything in between. Recently her passion inspired her to develop a blog called “Connect Dots” (link) which is an excellent resource for planners, city builders and general do-gooders alike.

Recently on her blog she developed the Ten Principles of Great Transit Planning which provides the blueprint for both new and experienced planners. The post went viral with even some engineers acknowledging it (!).

“A city is just layers and layers of human connections that make it amazing. A planner’s job is to see where the layers are and how they work together.”

For this podcast Tania provides info on what it takes to be a transit planner and also where the transportation industry is going into the future… (spoiler alert: the future will hopefully look a lot like the past)

Other Information:

Here is a link to the Shopper Shuttle transit route referenced in the podcast: https://bctransit.com/servlet/documents/maps/1403640743224

The book that Tania references at the end is called A Pattern Language.

Tania Wegwitz