Podcast: How Meal Kit Delivery Services Are Changing The Way We Eat

A growing trend in the food industry is meal kit delivery services. Companies like Local Urban Bites take online orders from customers, then deliver the necessary ingredients and recipes directly to the customer’s home, then the customer follows the instructions and 30 minutes later, voila! dinner is served.

These services are helping to ease the age-old conundrum of “what’s for dinner?”; but they’re also changing the way we buy and make food. For this podcast, the co-founders of Local Urban Bites, Alyssa Talley and Corey McPherson join me to discuss how this trend is revolutionizing the food industry.

What is their relationship with restaurants, how do they inspire people to spend more time together and will they ever do a meal that is just a plate of bacon?

Find out more by listening! (we apologize in advance if this podcast results in extreme hunger)

Alyssa and Corey