Podcast: Why Community Newspapers Matter — with Travis Paterson

Local community newspapers have never been more important. In a click-bait era of overflowing information, community newspapers provide a baseline reminder that while there’s a lot of bullshit happening around the planet, there’s also lot of stuff happening in our own backyard.

One of those journalists on the front line of the community is Travis Paterson. Travis is a reporter with the Saanich News which is a community newspaper that focuses primarily on the local goings-on of the District of Saanich (a mediumish size city on Vancouver Island).

During this podcast Travis tells us why community newspapers have never been more important and also the challenging yet important migration from print to ‘digital first’. He also tells us about the lessons learned from “live tweeting” council meetings and why the Richard Atwell mayoral win was one of the most interesting projects of his career.

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Travis Paterson