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Weekly Update 11/9

We’re back for our weekly update! It’s been a very busy time for our community and the team since our product launch on October 20th.

Since then we hit $20m in TVL and our users have grown to >6k unique addresses.

We want to thank our wonderful community for all your support along the way. Our launch would not have been successful without the support of our wonderful community.

As a reminder, from our initial few weeks of data, we have crunched the numbers, and can announce that we are targeting a 50–200% APY for the airdrop*

Participate in our Launch and Airdrop

Any user who participated in our launch and deposits liquidity will be eligible for our retroactive airdrop. Make sure to participate!

There are three ways you can earn MONO during our Airdrop.

  1. Provide liquidity — the more you deposit, the more $MONO you will receive
  2. Refer others to provide liquidity — the more referred liquidity, the more $MONO you will receive
  3. The second part of the airdrop will reward $MONO with a surprise element for using other platform features — play around!

Get started here:

This is only the beginning! We have several exciting new updates and features to be released in the future, including our public sale for the $MONO token. Our team continues to work hard and push forward with new developments. For more roadmap updates, check out our documentation.

We are only getting started! We have lots of developments coming in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

📢 MonoX Ambassador Program — Monogenes

Monogenes — “one of a kind, one and only” from the Ancient Greek language.

⚙️ Updates

Thank you ambassadors for all your contributions! Your time and effort has significantly improved the success of our launch. All your translations, content creation, error reports, and community engagement has been a tremendous benefit to the growth of the MonoX protocol. We are so grateful for our team of ambassadors, and look forward to continuing the progression of our program!

A reminder that the first month of our Coordinape ended, so remember to check into Coordinape.

🎁 Enjoy perks and rewards as an ambassador

💡 Rights to receive exclusive insights about the project

✨ Manage our Discord channel and help the team on countless projects

Have you ever wanted to be part of our team? Check out our ambassador program here!

🤝 Be the driving force of MonoX Protocol!

🔧Dev Team Updates

🚧 In progress

  • Optimizing/bug fixes on the front end
  • Speed updates
  • Deploying onto a new chain 👀 (stay tuned)

✅ Fixed

  • UX/UI for easier deposits
  • Analytics Page optimizations for tokens
  • Other UI/UX improvements

About MonoX

MonoX introduces the premier bootstrap decentralized exchange, Monoswap. Project owners can list their tokens without the burden of capital requirements and focus on using funds for building the project instead of providing liquidity.

It works by grouping deposited tokens into a virtual pair with our own vCASH stablecoin, to offer a single token pool design.

MonoX will revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem by fixing the capital inefficiencies of current protocol models. With lower trading fees, capital efficiency, and zero-capital token launching — MonoX will expand the capabilities of DeFi.

📱 Stay Connected

Follow our official social media accounts and visit our website to stay up to date.

Website | Documentation | Twitter | Telegram | Discord


Be careful of fake Telegram groups, and Twitter accounts trying to impersonate MonoX. $MONO tokens ARE NOT in circulation.

Always verify that you are on our official Twitter page, Telegram group, or Discord

* The interest rates and APYs may change. The APYs were accurate as of 10/20/2021.




We use single token pools made of virtual pairs with the vUSD stablecoin.

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