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The Accidental Monster
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A bell jingles on the door above you as you enter our establishment. “Hello! How are you?” the NPC’s cheerfully greet you as you step inside.

Can you believe Monster Café is a year old now? How the time flies!

With Monster Alley going through a rebranding, the Café is set to receive some of the topics that used to overlap. So let’s revisit what the topics and themes are, and how to apply.

Monster Café Topics

Most topics are welcome here:

  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Music
  • Art (Making or Appreciating)
  • Food (Eating or Cooking)
  • Personal Stories
  • Holidays and Events
  • Remote Writing (not tips or challenges — see Monster Alley)

Topics not welcome:

  • Crypto
  • Finance
  • Rants/Personal Arguments

Be aware that you may be asked to add in a reference to the Café to continue the theme; fiction, poetry, music, and food tend to be exempt from this (though are welcome to do so anyway!).


Here are some friendly reminders when submitting to Monster Café:

Please Do Not

  • Advocate hate speech, harassment, or verbal abuse.
  • Use the space to criticize others.
  • Submit a story over 7+ days old.
  • Overly self-promote (some is ok, but keep it reasonable; try Monster Alley for more promotion opportunities).
  • Worry about length or formatting; creative freedom, yay!
  • Use copyrighted or watermarked images — try Pixabay, they’re free.
  • Plagiarize — you will be reported.

Please DO

  • Let others know if you’re open to advice or feedback to improve your writing.
  • Make as much use of formatting options as you see fit.
  • Add a subtitle (format the line beneath the title with the…



The Accidental Monster
Monster Café

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