How I ended up in a long-distance relationship

Insights about how it feels to work remotely for mySugr.

Miriam Stangs
Monster Culture
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2 min readApr 10, 2018


Last year I was constantly drawn to mySugr’s website and, more specifically, their job posting for a ‘Diabetes Coach (Home Office)’. I had always wanted to work for the company that developed the app that I enthusiastically present to my patients at the clinic. During my courses with them, I learned that they love the app as it helps them to easily manage their diabetes without the hassle of tracking their data by writing in paper diaries.

Humour, warm-heartedness and communication are things that truly matter to me when it comes to my work life. But how is that supposed to work if my employer is far away? I live with my dog in North Rhine-Westphalia (west of Germany) about 1000 km from Vienna, mySugr HQ. Finally, in September 2017, after reading the job posting over and over again, I gave in and sent off my application.

Afterwards everything happened quite fast. After some industry-related questions from Michèle (Diabetes Coach Lead), I had more Skype calls with other “monster tamers” ;). And we instantly clicked. Home office, part-time and visiting Vienna a few times a year: that’s the plan.

During the final round of the application process, mySugr invited me to visit them in Vienna. Before arriving I had dozens of unpleasant thoughts going through my head such as horror scenarios of assessment centres and the like. Basically I was very nervous due to previous experiences with other companies. In the end, as often happens in life, we tend to stress more than necessary. mySugr basically wanted me to familiarise myself with their creative way of working and chat to potential colleagues to see if I could fit in as a future monster tamer. My worries disappeared during the first interview and I also realised that distance isn’t a problem for the team.

Since the beginning of December I am a mySugr ‘long-distance monster tamer’. Skyping, chatting and other communication platforms all help me feel as though I’m in the office — even gossip reaches the west of Germany ;)

After being welcomed with open arms at the company’s Christmas party in Vienna, I am already looking forward to visiting the team in summer. The only downside for me, the ‘nutrition expert’, is that I would love to cook together with my colleagues, since it pretty much sucks doing it digitally. But that’s about it; everything else is great!

By the way, my dog Lotta is also welcome to visit during my next stay in Vienna; you can’t beat that for a family vibe :)