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A step forward to the future of capital management.
A full-ecosystem to a visionary asset management company.

Kawa Capital Management

Kawa Capital is an independent asset management firm with an opportunistic, diligent, and creative approach to investing. The firm deploys capital with a focus on long-term growth and capital preservation for its clients.

The Kawa’s team have a visionary approach in your relationship with their customers. We help them to create a full-ecosystem to interact with their users in all possible touchpoint.

We developed a catch-eye institutional website to attract potential new clients, a web platform and mobile app to keep their clients informed about new deals, their portfolio and access all important documents.

In addition to all platforms, we help Kawa to rewamp all their marketing assets, unifying the new position and branding view.
We ar

We are still working with Kawa to improve the products as well as to launch new features and updates regularly.

Our contributions

  • Research
  • Branding
  • UX Design
  • Wireframe
  • Visual Design
  • Quality Assurance
  • Documentation
  • Progress Tracking with Developers

Special Thanks ❤️

Lando Kravetz & Poatek’s team




A spookingly innovative design studio.

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