Water in Manteca, Struggling Ca

The recent population increase that Manteca and other neighboring cities and towns have experienced is putting a strain on the local water resevoirs and strains on the residents wallets.

Water usage

The creation of the dam in the New Melones initially created much prosperity for the budding community in Manteca, in the late 20th century. Now, the effects of the population growth can be reflected in the resevoirs levels and soon to be in reflected in increased costs.

In a 2008 water rate study produced by the Reed Group Inc. it is mentioned that the city of Manteca is beginning a transition from use of groundwater to surface water. Current water production comes from about 40 percent surface water and 60 percent groundwater. Continuing on trends to satisfy increasing water needs due to a growing population, the report estimated that in the following year Manteca’s water supply would consist of 53 percent surface water and 47 percent groundwater.

Between the years of 2006 and 2007 total water production for Manteca was 15,778 acre-feet (more than 5 trillion gallons) of water. The total water production for the upcoming year is projected to reach nearly 19,000 acre-feet(more than 6 trillion gallons) of water.


With the total water production of Manteca projected to rise sharply because of an increasing population and increasing usage of water, we can expect to see higher cost of production. These extra production cost will be shared by those paying for water utilites. In a time of little precipitation and slow economic recovery, extra utility costs are going to hit the residents of “struggling California” harder than most other residents.