Aptos, CA

Aptos may be a small town, but don’t underestimate it. There’s plenty of nature and nightlife to go around. My cousins live there, and they absolutely love it.

There’s a beautiful redwood forest called Nisene Marks that’s great for hiking. There’s incredibly diverse wildlife — anything from Banana Slugs to the Coho Salmon that spawns in Aptos Creek, which runs right through the forest; but don’t go swimming in it!

Aptos boasts wonderful beaches perfect for surfing and bodyboarding; Seacliff and Rio Del Mar. There are several Great White Sharks that feed near Seacliff’s Cement Ship, so don’t stray too close to there.

There’s also a great church called Twin Lakes. I listen to their sermons online every Sunday.

On the education front, there’s both Cabrillo Community College and Aptos High, extraordinary schools with stunning campuses. UC Santa Cruz is just 15 minutes away.

Aptos also features a myriad of food and dining options. There’s Palm Deli, a modern café with plenty of delicious treats. Taqueria Los Gordos will quench your cravings with its yummy tacos, burritos, and bowls. There are several grocery stores: Aptos Deluxe Foods, Aptos Natural Foods, and Safeway.

The weather of western Aptos is what you would expect from coastal Monterey Bay, if not a bit hotter: 60 — 75°F with generous amounts of fog in the mornings and plenty of wind. On the other hand, the eastern reaches of the city (near Corralitos) are usually 70–85°F.

Aptos is a mystic town full of surprises and adventure. I highly recommend it.

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