Portland Needs Affordable Homes, and Your Support

Jeff knows personally the hardships of homelessness and raising a family while keeping up with rising rents. He is the manager of a shelter for men and women in East Portland, working every day to help folks back into homes they can afford. Jeff is pictured here with his daughter Gracie. (Photo: Amanda Lucier)

Portland is in a housing crisis. It’s often the most vulnerable amongst us who are affected: seniors losing their longtime homes, families ending up on the street, low-income workers pushed further and further from the city’s center. The city faces a shortage of about 24,000 affordable homes and apartments for families and seniors making less than $37,000 per year. As a community, we must act to ensure a spirit of equity for everyone in this city we love.

That’s why PICOC is endorsing Measure 26–179, Portland’s Affordable Housing Bond Measure, which will create affordable homes for thousands of Portlanders who need them most. The bond will create new affordable homes for 2,900 residents, with at least 1,300 high quality apartments.

Simply endorsing a ballot measure isn’t a proportional response to such a big problem. That’s why PICOC is working with the Yes for Affordable Homes campaign this month to provide the financial and volunteer muscle necessary to reach tens of thousands of voters to ask them to vote #Yes4Homes. Here in Portland, we’ve never had an opportunity to vote for affordable housing before. This is our chance to take a stand. It’s critical that voters hear from Measure 26–179 supporters before November 8th so they understand the impact this bond will have on our housing crisis and are inspired to vote YES.

To make this happen, we need your support in two ways.

First, join us at a fundraiser hosted by our friends at the Old Gilbert Road Tavern on October 10 where you can network with business leaders in the PICOC community over food and drinks. Later, you’ll hear from campaigners about this historic ballot measure. Get more info about the party and RSVP here. Our goal is to host 35 attendees.

Second, we need volunteers to make phone calls and knock on doors around the city. Can you spare a shift before November 8? Register for one or both of these options:

  1. Phone bank with PICOC on October 24 (dinner included!). Our goal is to enlist 15 volunteers for this evening.
  2. Knock on doors during the MegaCanvass on October 22.

Whether you come to our event on the 10th, pick up the phone, or knock on doors, be sure to let your friends and neighbors know you agree: Portland is a better place to do business when everyone has an affordable and safe place to live.

As always, you can find us at picoc.org, on Twitter, and on Facebook. View all of our monthly calls-to-action here.