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Monthly Dailies

Dance Partner

i hope you find a good dance partner
not a clumsy oaf with two left feet
someone who learns to follow your lead
who knows how to properly cross the street

i hope you find an aquarium
and fill it full of fish
with time to paint and stay up late
and eat whatever you wish

i hope you get to travel
see if australia is really upside-down
with the world all topsy-turvy
that you find reasons not to frown

i hope you get cool ink
dye your hair in rainbow hues
find all sorts of thrift store steals
and that you get a dozen dozen more shoes

i hope you burn lots of bridges
make up all kinds of new -isms
that you shake the sad and laugh a lot
to kill the cynicism

i hope you finally got your mother that clarinet
that you knew she would really like
lana del rey sing-alongs to the kind of happy torture tunes
you hum while walking dogs on hikes

i hope you don’t miss me
not even a little bit, not even a lot
that you forget i even exist
that i’m a fraction of a thought

but more than anything i hope for one day
years from now when things are better
where ill see something in the mail
with your name signed at the bottom of a letter

where you tell me that all that i hoped came true
and that the time we shared mattered deeply
for all the years that passed by without a word
it happened so quick, so briefly

and i’ll close the letter with a smile
and breathe out into the world
knowing that all things end including this
love between boy and girl



An experimental space for writers to post their thoughts every single day for a month. We develop both accountability and a habit to write every day and let go of perfection. What can we teach ourselves in a month? Write and publish every day to find out.

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Elliot Roth

Elliot Roth


Founder @spirainc - creating photosynthetic tech to tackle global challenges, starting with local production of industrial chemicals. @thatmre