Vexchange Participates in the Developer Challenge

We have entered Vexchange in VeChain’s developer challenge. For this challenge, we have built a Connex compatible version of the interface to illustrate the power of Connex and ensure Vexchange remains compatible with all of VeChain’s tools moving forward. Working with Connex was a very rewarding experience and we already have a few ideas for how we will work MTT and MPP into future versions of the Vexchange interface.


In the coming days, we will begin work on documenting how the Vexchange contracts and front-end operate and how community members can integrate Vexchange into their projects. Until now, users would need to use the exchange contracts as documentation for their front-end work. While these contracts are well documented and easy to understand, we believe dedicated documentation will improve the process further.


One of the sections in our gitbook outlines a tentative roadmap for Vexchange. These changes are compiled from ideas we’ve had for a while or suggestions we’ve received from the community. We’re open to feedback on what tasks we should prioritize, or what tasks may be missing from the roadmap.

Vote for Vexchange

If you want to show your support for Vexchange, a free and effective way to do so is to vote in the developer challenge. Winning one of the top prizes in this competition would greatly increase Vexchange’s ability to deliver new tools and services. Whether we win or not, Vexchange will continue to grow in the months and years to come.

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Monti is a fintech startup aiming to remove trust from finance

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Monti is a fintech startup aiming to remove trust from finance

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