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If Your Own Your Weaknesses, No One Can Hurt You (Ever Again)

This photo was taken by Adidas x Parley during “Run For The Oceans” charity run in Berlin, mid-2018

I am still a “Lauch.”

It’s a German term for a skinny person; usually used for skinny guys (to make fun of their weight).

I don’t care — anymore.

I used to feel offended and get defensive.

Not anymore.

While laughing it off won’t solve the problem, I own it.

Yes, I am not at the ideal body weight.

So what?

Could I be more attractive if I were?

Sure thing.

For sure, I’d be more attractive. So would everyone else.

The reason for our own struggle?

The struggle is real

It ain’t easy.

Simple, but not easy.

Over the last three years (2018–2021), I gained around ten kilos.

Not by accident.

Went through sh*t to get there. Why?

The truth (and math) is simple.

You got to eat more than you consume.

So what do you do if you have a (naturally) high metabolism as an ectomorph… and you want to gain weight?

You got to eat even more.

And do less cardio.

Two things I hate doing.

And the same applies to any area of life.

At age 27, I’m 99.9% aware of my weaknesses, my strengths, my hobbies, who I want to have as friends, what I give a f*ck about, what I don’t give a f*ck about, what I’m passionate about, et cetera. However:

This isn’t about “doing what you love.”

It’s all about…

…Doing What You Hate

Do you think I enjoy working in sales?

Hell no.

Do you really think I enjoy doing what I hate (and stop doing what I love most of the time)?

(Rhetorical question, but:) Hell no.

Do you think I wake up feeling motivated dealing with stupid customer complaints that were not of my own making, only to have 1 or 2 grateful customers?

Hell freakin’ no.

Yet, that’s reality.

Yet, I keep on going.


Because it shapes my character and my future.

I am a realistic idealist. This is my motto:

Every single day is a stepping stone.

Even if it feels like I go backward.

It may be one step back.

Tomorrow, I step two steps forward.

Over time, I keep moving forward. Plus, I now know what I want. It’s almost always impossible to move forward if you can’t see where you’re going.

Not impossible, but difficult. Veeeery difficult.

Anyhow, I digress.

It all began because I kept giving zero f*cks about what people think of my current “me.” Unfortunately, it’s hard to teach “how to give zero f*cks.”

(Especially, if you’re highly sensitive like I am. Enough frustrating first-hand experiences pushed me over the edge. It’s crucial that you become more selective and that you value your own time. That’s it for today.)

I am a work in progress.

You are a “work in progress.”

Remember that.

Let’s finish this off:

You become legendary when the legend dies.

This article was first published on 2 June, 2021 on MarioMontreal.com




Specific Insights For Loners on How to Create a Thriving Social Life in a New City. Content is based on selective research, real- experience, and intriguing real-life results by @mariommontreal

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