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Nu Blues

Nu blues is a global musical form originating in the urban centers of the United States during the first part of the 21st century.

The genre developed from roots in African-American musical traditions and is ubiquitous across hip hop and r&b music. It’s characterized by rapping, singing, and futuristic sonic-scapes.

Blue notes and minor keys are an essential part of the sound. Deep basslines derived from or inspired by the Roland TR-808 drum machine, and rapid-fire, sprinkler-like high-hat patterns reinforce the underlying, syncopated, trance-inducing​ rhythms to form a repetitive effect known as the groove.

The lyrical content is often about love and loss and/or aligns with the #BlackLivesMatter movement; cast against the backdrop of #Trumpism in America.

Here’s a DJ Mix I made exemplifying the genre:

Or listen to the unmixed Nu Blues playlist on Spotify (with bonus tracks).

Or download the Nu Blues DJ Mix as an MP3.




Writings on music in the liminal space between underground & mainstream. No genre is off limits as long as the music is magic.

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