Just A Star Up Above

Always watching over her Piano Man

Nicole Maharaj
Moon Light Confessions


Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

When she had been down below on earth,

she burned brightly

a star that flitted through life,

a girl

joyous and free.

She burned brightly, knowing her time

was limited.

She pushed herself to fulfill all the wishes

of her heart.

Even saving the one she had always loved

from afar.

Even now,

as a Star up above,

forever burning,

she watched over her piano man,

as he struggled,

and fought.

As he loved,

and blossomed

into a man.

Into a Legend.



Nicole Maharaj
Moon Light Confessions

I bleed out my soul in my writing, in these pages you will find poems and short stories fantastical in nature and completely fictional. And some reviews too!