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Have you by any chance seen my old pen?

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This week it seems Medium is very happy with me. And why wouldn't I think so? Receiving 2 Top Writer tags in History and Life Lessons, and that too in just two days, says something right?

Getting acknowledged for a year of immense hard work, dedication, and passion gives you the boost you have always been looking for.

I, therefore, want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Mediums staff, readers, writers, and all my friends here, who have supported me no matter what, and made this sweet achievement possible.

When it comes to achievements, my Moon Light is not behind at all.

  1. It has reached a good 68 followers and 35 writers.
  2. It has a new category of ‘self-improvement’ added.
  3. Its newsletters will have the week’s best submission highlighted separately.

This week’s best feature starts with Colleen Millsteed and her masterpiece ‘’Narcotic Dreams.’’ You can read about it in the end.

This Week’s Submissions in the Order They Were Published

Bhavna Narula How I Handle Desperate Males on Matrimonial Websites- The author is in a mood for a funny and sarcastic take on the guys she meets on matrimonial websites. If you thought she only has verbose ways of handling desperate males, then you should definitely check this story. It is sure to make you laugh.

Bhavna Narula With Love From Boss- The author claims to know read between the lines of office culture. She is confident of her observations and has come up with yet another sarcastic poem that highlights the plights of employees and showing the grey side to the readers.

Bhavna Narula Let Your Light Shine- The author had dedicated this poem to Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh for her immense dedication towards her patients. Despite having severe toothache herself, she ensures that her services heal all her patients and they are relieved from all their dental troubles.

America Zed- Breaks- The author has submitted a creative yet dark micro poetry called ‘breaks’. Here she silently gives a powerful message for people who fall victim to vicious minds. She advises scared people to maintain a face that never gives away their nervousness to the predator. This way your energy remains with you instead of being transferred in the wrong hands.

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) No Entry Without Permission- The author believes that some people don't understand the concept of personal space and therefore she asks some thought-provocating questions that will help the person get her message. She believes that there are certain doors that are kept close on purpose and people should ask for permission before entering them. Do read this metaphorical delight.

Sahil Patel You Are Not Dead- The author is an extremely emotional being and it shows in all his poems. This poem was specially dedicated to HR Simplified, a pub that was owned by Moon Light’s editor but ceases to exist anymore. In this poem, the author wishes Bhavna Narula lots of success for her upcoming ventures and also expresses his condolence for the fellow writer's loss. That’s really sweet of him.

Dr. Fatima Imam Hocus Pocus- The author has somehow made the letter ‘H’ a king in her latest submission. Every line is heavy and powerful in the message it conveys and you will have to read the line twice to understand the hidden meaning behind it. Hocus Pocus is yet another marvel from Dr. Imam, you cannot afford to miss.

Melanie J. Luna’s Praise- After you are done being enchanted by the beautiful cover picture shared by the author, prepare yourself to be ensnared by the arrangement of her words. Melanie’s first-ever full-fledged poetry talks about her emotions about the Moon, how she admires her dance through the silent skies, and how she loves the gleaming graceful moonlight. A must-read, this one.

Colleen Millsteed My Narcotic Charms- This is one the most powerful prose I have come across. The author has personified a drug and spelled out all the troubles and challenges a drug addict can face in their life. Every line of this poem is informative, perfect, and chilling. Please don’t miss this at any cost.

Let’s Meet the New Writers in Our Moon Light Family

💖America Zed

💖Colleen Millsteed

💖Eddie Heath

Sending a Special Invitation to These Writers To Grace My Publication With Their Beautiful Words —

Jupiter Grant

Amy Pierovich

Agnes Laurens

Annelise Lords

Yana Bostongirl

Thank you so much for your time and encouragement. See you all soon with another round of submissions. Please take care and stay peaceful.

Bhavna Narula, 2021. Thank you so much for reading.



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