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Moon Light Confessions Just Got a Makeover #Newsletter 2

And I Can’t Stop Grinning About It!!!

Hi everyone,

Today Moon Light Confessions went through a makeover and I couldn't wait to share the new look with you guys.

As you all know Moon Light is a new publication, and as it progresses it will go through some change as a part of evolving. So changing the profile design and logo was the first step towards it.

And before we go ahead, I want to thank the person who helped me with this design process. And he's none other than Abhay Salvi, the editor-in-chief of Be Unique publication.

I cant thank him enough for his efforts and hard work for coming up with such an elegant and unique design for Monn Light.

Thank you Abhay!

So Here’s the New Look! 😃

Did you know, Abhay is a professional in design projects and is on hire?

Check out the link to his cool digital card below.

Before saying goodbye

I am very happy to share these little stepping stones with everyone who has been a part of Moon Light, whether as a writer, follower, or a reader. Everyone is important and part of this family.

Thank you for sharing this happiness with me.

Signing off and will soon be back with the weekly newsletter.

Take care!

Bhavna Narula, 2021.



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