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Moon Light Confessions News#4

Hello, can I speak to my fellow writers?

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Hello, my dear readers,

Welcome to our 4th Newsletter.

Firstly this is the first time that I felt that Moon Light has settled down as a publication and along with it, I too have settled down as its creator.

In just 20 days, we have 41 followers and 23 writers as a part of our family. And I can’t be grateful enough to all these people.

Thank you very much for your support. Please keep supporting Moon Light to add some light to your life.

I feel so proud to share the names of writers who joined us this week. Let’s welcome them to the Moon Light family.

Yana Bostongirl

Anita Durairaj

jenine bsharah baines

About this week’s stories

This week saw some amazing contributions by top-notch writers. People love them and their work and I felt proud to host these writings in my publication.

This week’s stories in the order they were published

  1. Sahil Patel in My Poetic Friend has penned down a heartfelt poem for his international friend. He believes her to be a huge inspiration and is ever so thankful for her beliefs in him that have kept him going. Do read this heartfelt gesture to find out who that friend is.
  2. Want to know the secret tips to reach someone’s heart? Just read this amazing poem written by our creative lady, A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai). Her poem, The Way To Someone’s Heart is a treasure for those who can’t seem to get their way to someone’s heart. Read this and you will get a priceless lesson about relationships that will help you find a special someone.
  3. Kasun Ranasinghe is a writer who has always made you laugh. Do you agree? If you said yes, then there’s no reason to miss his latest silliest and funniest creation, Sounds of a Sleepless Night. If you have sleepless nights and roam around the house like a maniac, this poem is especially for you. And yeah! Don’t miss the special sound effects in the poem.
  4. Trista Signe Ainsworth is all set to explain to us how to enjoy any situation in her story, A Blind Date Took Me To Prom: How To Enjoy Any Situation. In this story, we get some important life lessons. And also get to admire a teenaged Trista with her prom date, Misch. If Trista hadn’t trusted her aunt, Janet, with her choice, she wouldn’t have had a chance to spend an evening that became one of her most cherished memories.
  5. If I could reward a writer for his smart play of words, it hands down has to be Terry Mansfield. In his latest poem, Looking At One Another, he brings across the subtleties of making eye contact with someone. You should read this piece to make yourself conscious of how you feel when you have made eye contact with someone. I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  6. In my recent story, I Recreated Picasso’s Painting That Sold For $103.4 Million, I tried to recreate Picasso’s latest painting digitally. And I tried selling it for at least a Million Dollars. But what did I manage to get? Just $5, was enough to gift someone a free Medium membership. At least see the painting once, trust me it is not that bad.
  7. Terry Mansfield shares a powerful haiku titled, Sex Education. Surprisingly it doesn't talk about sex at all. But highlights the two parties involved in them. The teacher and the student. Please do read this so you get your first, ‘Oh I SEE’ moment of your day.
  8. Bhavna Narula tried her hand for the first time at horror poetry. The creative fiction called, The Witch and the Girl, is the author’s first attempt to scare the audiences to some extent. Do read and share if the horror got the best of you or not.
  9. A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) is a writer who has a raw style of poetry-writing. Her poem, I Did, You Didn’t, is a great example of the same. The author understands the relationship is not going the right way and conveys the same to her lover. She understands the underwhelming aspects of being with the wrong persona and presents it to you in the most beautiful manner possible. Do give it a read. You will love it.
  10. A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) met her past self. Now, this makes me think. If the current Manali is so amazing, how amazing would be her 15-year self? This write-up is highly introspecting in nature. Instead of comparing it to her older self, the author has presented it in a highly creative manner. Read and see if you can find the difference between the old and new version of herself.
  11. Bhavna Narula is an incurable romantic. She has a dream of meeting a man with passionate eyes. And that dream reflects in her poem, Your Eyes Should Be Fined, where she can’t get over a set of passionate eyes. She talks about her dream man, the way he looks at her. She wants to run away but the heated gaze is not letting her do so. Read the poem to know what happens next.
  12. Dr. Fatima Imam shares a collection of 4 powerful haikus in her latest, ‘Adjournment’. All the haikus indicate the same message — Self-empowerment. The decision to move on when our self-respect is put at stake. Please check out for yourself. You are sure to leave empowered after reading them.
  13. The final submission this week was the creator of Moon Lights herself, Bhavna Narula. She came up with a topic that is dear to her heart. The story titled, ’49 Things I Can Do To Earn Your Claps’ is a fun way she takes a dig at the people who assign just one clap on stories. The author believes she has 49 reasons to strike a deal with these people and get them to add 49 claps to her stories. Read on to find out what are the 49 facts on which she is blackmailing these special people.

Moon Light’s Updates Guidelines

Please remember these two important steps to become a writer —

1. Follow the publication.

2. Comment ‘Add some Moon Light’ in the link above.

And you will be all ours.

Thank you people for taking your valuable time and reading this.

This is your very own Bhavna signing off for this week. Until we meet next time with our last newsletter for the month of May.




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