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MoonLight Bulletin #9 is More Than Just Fine

Did you know a stitch in time saves nine?

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Good evening everyone. This is your one and only Bhavna, welcoming all of you to the 9th bulletin of Moon Light Confessions. As an editor, it is very difficult for me to wait for publishing the pieces I receive.

If left to me, I would love to launch bulletins every day. But I know that’s not going to work in the long run. So I teach myself to calm down and have patience. And as and when a week is about to get over, my anxiety touches the roof.

Whether it's adding new writers to the family, receiving new submissions, collaborating with writers, or have more followers. Every little thing is a moment of celebration for me.

These bulletins allow me to connect with all of you — heart to heart.

As a customary practice, let’s welcome our new writers who have joined Moon Light this week and have already shared their creative and helpful stories with us.

Simão Cunha

Debika Kumari

Roselyn Violet

M. M. H.

If you wish to be a part of Moon Light Confessions, please go through the link provided below.

Now please allow me to reveal the emotion-filled submissions received this week in the order they were published —

Rebecca Warfield 3 Reasons to Stay in the Beginner’s Mindset- Rebecca in her first-ever submission to Moon Light, has sent a brilliant approach that everyone ought to adopt. The author asks us to go back to the beginner’s mindset which comes with various benefits like empathy, looking for endless possibilities, and so on. The author believes we often forget the pain, fear, and overwhelming emotions we had as a beginner. No matter how professional we are at our jobs, we should always have a beginner's mindset. And do read this brilliant article you will love it.

Dr. Fatima Imam Humbled- Dr. Imam is a writer who has earned her due respect in the Medium community with her talent, knowledge, and dedication towards writing. It is wonderful to see a person of her stature being so down-to-earth. In her poem humbled, she thanks all her co-writers, editors, and readers of the Medium community who have sent her their love and support. The author does so in a poetic way that is constructed alphabetically. Do read her poem and get amazed by the choice of her words.

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) Moon & Stars- The author has taken a vow to surpass herself every single time. With each new poetry, the author gets even better and brighter. Just like her next offering, Moon, and the stars. The author is imagining a beautiful friendship between the moon and stars. Because of their friendship and the moon's changing phases, the author has a certain belief. She thinks this is the reason we get to see different palettes of the sky each night. I bet you never saw the moon and stars in this manner. So rush to the poem and witness this magic with your own eyes.

Debika Kumari Open Letter To My Best Friend Who Left Me Emotionless- Friends can make or break your life. It is therefore advisable to always choose your friend with proper understanding and caution. The author has been left heartbroken after her best friend suddenly changed her demeanor. She treated the author differently for a long time and the author has failed to understand why. In the above story, the author pens down her true feelings in an open letter to her friend who betrayed her. And your heart will feel warmed-up with the way the letter ends. Do read it.

Rebecca Warfield Best Friend Breakups Can Break Your Heart This is a heart-melting story that will help you deal with the process of grieving after breakups. But wait, the author is not talking about the romantic but a platonic break up with one's best friend. Can you imagine the pain when your bestie suddenly ghosts you out of nowhere and you don’t know what to do. They never answer your calls or messages or never even clear why they ghosted you in the first place. How would you feel? Unfortunately, the author has herself gone through this painful process. And is kind enough to share the way in which she overcame this grieving process. Do read this as it will be very helpful in dealing with breakups that may come to us as a heartbreaking surprise.

Rosa Violet Dear Indian Parents, Please Go and Get a Dictionary! Rosa is in the mood for some serious Indian humor. And when it comes to Indian humor, Indian parents are the best source. Their sentences, thoughts, ideas, and behavior have always been a huge question mark for Indian children. And one such Indian child is the author herself. She believes her parents really need to get a new dictionary for themselves as some terms mean completely different to them. Didn't understand? No worries. Read this story and a few chuckles are guaranteed.

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) Seasonal Inspiration Have you ever found yourself struggling to sit down and work. Especially when the clouds start getting darker and winds start getting cooler. But don’t worry when the author s here. She brings you the perfect solution to beat that boredom. All you need is a warm cup of coffee while sitting by the window and watch the rains touch the ground. And on top of that, this poetry is like a cherry on the cake. Do read this lovely poem for your dose of seasonal inspiration.

Dr. Fatima Imam Naps- This cute 4-haiku series will give you all the knowledge you need relating to naps. It will empathize, sympathize, energize, and finally make you smile. Dr. Imam can write poems on any topic in this world so ensure you read this cute presentation of hers without fail.

Dr. Preeti Singh The Gold Medal Boy Is No Longer Golden This story is about a popular Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar Singh. The author talks about the history of Sushil Kumar. His journey from rags to riches. His awards and achievements as an Indian sportsperson and his earning name and fame across the world. But the author then brings our focus on one particular incident that changed Sushil’s life forever. Read this story to find out what that incident was, how it changed the sportsperson’s life forever, and what lessons it holds for us to learn. A powerful read indeed.

Simão Cunha Catch sight of… In his first-ever submission to Moon Light, the author has shared a short poem on catching sight of someone beautiful. Unexpected. The author uses a romantic tone in his poem where he describes his feelings when he saw a beautiful girl in the mall. He describes the lady with beautiful details. The author had hardly gotten over her looks that something happened. Now to know what was the end of this sweet love story, do read his poem.

Bhavna Narula Welcome To My Newly Inaugurated Medium Cafe- The editor of Moon Light is high on business and side-hustles. She has come up with an idea of opening a cafe and she wants to dedicate it to Medium. And therefore, has named it ‘The Medium Cafe.’ So what’s special about this cafe. Not much if you ask. Just that the items are named in a unique way and maybe toward the end you will get all the instructions you require to place an order with this newly inaugurated cafe. Yes, yes, smiles guaranteed.

A Rustic Mind (Manali Desai) I’m Not Being Dishonest- The author is back with her whip and this time she’s questioning honesty as a virtue. The author feels that honesty may be an overrated virtue. Because people don't have the guts to hear the truth. But the author still insists that let the truth be spoken. Because she believes that people who tell nothing but the truth are our real well-wishers. They can’t see us settling for less when we deserve much more. So what are you waiting for? Quickly check the poem and leave with a sigh of new relief.

Melanie J. Thy Grace- Melanie is back to create magic with her haikus in a new poem title, ‘The grace.’ The author is enchanted by a person’s grace and wants her readers to know why she’s feeling the way she is. Read this haiku and you will feel like the words are weightlessly traveling in the air and make their way into your mind.

Dr. Fatima Imam Clueless*- Have you met people who are clueless about themselves. They think they are the best and nothing in this world is above them. The author has dedicated this special haiku series for people belonging to this category. When you read these haikus, you will be able to sense the author’s frustration towards people who try to create wrong impressions in front of the world especially when they are completely hollow from inside.

That’s it for this week. Thank you so very much for your kindness, patience, and support. We will meet soon in the upcoming week with more interesting perspectives.

Till then, stay safe, stay happy. :)

From the editor
Bhavna Narula.



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