Why Not Fall In Love

Why Not Take A Chance

Nicole Maharaj
Moon Light Confessions


Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Why not fall in love,

why not take a chance,

there was once a time,

I might have said that,

but gone are the days

where I waited for you

to give a chance,

to see me in a new light.

You made all the wrong choices,

and cast me aside

over and over again.

There may have been a time,

when I would have given up,

for you.

That day is long gone,

gone like the days spent alone,

the days when I forgot your smile,

your humor,

those little things you do.

You decided that I wasn’t worth being number one,

so I made sure never to settle for being number two

not once more.



Nicole Maharaj
Moon Light Confessions

I bleed out my soul in my writing, in these pages you will find poems and short stories fantastical in nature and completely fictional. And some reviews too!