World of Filtered Influencers

World of filtered influencers. World of beauty enhancers apps. World of irrational body structures.

Rachel Grace
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The question is, Why the world has made them their idols?

And an even bigger question is Why is no one asking this question?

Another wondering question is how some handful of people (makeup bloggers, celebrities) have created this notion that you need to dunk your face in a makeup bucket and make these huge unnecessary changes on your appearance to be likable, acceptable, rich, and sexy?

Don’t get me wrong.

I am all about ‘being yourself’ and ‘accept yourself’ and, ‘do what you love’, etc. But does it mean that everyone needs to get obsessive with the filters and not love their natural selves? Their natural complexion, their scars, their pigmentation.

Why does everyone need to hide behind a beauty mode before facing the camera?

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A few days back I was watching a makeup artist reacting to a makeup video on TikTok. A tutorial by an influencer that had garnered millions of views. He showed how these famous influencers use filters on their faces, which is quite obvious.

There even was a video where this rich, snooty celebrity had a full face of no-makeup makeup look already and on that face she was doing a makeup tutorial using her makeup line. (slow claps!!!)

Not just Kim but many hugely famous YouTubers do it too every day.

There is no question that people don’t see it. I am pretty sure that 8/10 viewers know what is happening, 2 being the naïve ones. Why do people allow these sorts of people to become their idols who can stoop so low to sell their products? Who are manipulative and record-breakingly scheming?

I usually don’t care about what a person is doing. I do not hold any personal agendas. However, what I do care about is how some people allow themselves to be affected by other people’s actions.

Why is it that people get attracted to the wrong lot and make them stronger?

Is it because people have these bizarre standards they want to see fulfilled?

Makeup and fashion trends are something made to be enjoyed as part of self-care, to make you happy, and to break the monotony. These are not something you need to have to become “special” or “beautiful” or “important” to the world.

You do not need to be part of a bandwagon just because everyone else is considering it a fad.

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Are these influencers wrong or the viewers who have encouraged these sorts of stints by liking, sharing, and subscribing to their channels?

Haven’t the people misguided them by buying their products within few seconds of their grand opening?

Doesn’t it give you the ‘time to leave earth’ feeling when you hear stuff like — in 2020 Kylie Jenner was the youngest billionaire. Why? Because she uses her face to exhibit her makeup range? Or because she described her own brand’s primer as — “I love this primer, this is such a good primer”?!? This was the youngest billionaire of 2020. Period.

The phoniest thing is that such people sometimes post about — body positivity, being natural posts on social media. Umm.. why are your bodies like that then? Why did you get things done on your face?

The joke of all time is we have in turn served them with such a huge silver platter that they do not even try and hide their hypocrisy. They can post #beingnatural post one second and vlogging their face surgery or butt enhancement surgery in another second.

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I am not a hater of social media. I Love Instagram, Twitter, YouTube everything. And yes, there was a time when I too was “influenced” by the filters.

Sorry, I mean Influencers.

But I never had a dark phase or battled depression because of the fake images portrayed on social media.

But yes, there were moments of doubt about my appearance, my confidence. I have even tried to follow in their footsteps but I have never been able to sustain long with something I don’t love.

After some time I loved being just me. I love makeup in my way, I love my makeup techniques, I love my body type. No, I am not arrogant or have this I am a perfect girl thought for myself but yes I am a continuous learner. I love to explore and learn new things but at my own pace at my levels.

In closing

Don’t let these man-made filters in your phones tell you that you are not beautiful or those filters are what you’re supposed to look like ever. Cherish yourself, treasure yourself, and please don’t help phony people who only make you feel bad about yourself in building their empire.



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