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Writers! Come Here and Come all! Moon Light Confessions is Open to all.

Now second time’s a charm!

I really am a brave girl. After an unsuccessful attempt with my first publication, I am here, once again with a brand new publication,

‘’Moon Light Confessions.’’

People often learn from their mistakes but I am not one of them.

Ever heard of the publication, ‘’HR Simplified’’? Of course, you haven’t. Because I never let it see the day of light.

Because this time it would be different as I won't be running it alone. This time I will have the support of my fellow writers on Medium to make this publication a success.

With this positivity in mind, I welcome all writers to follow this publication and write for it.

How to add yourself as a writer?

Just type, ‘’Add some moonlight’’ in the comment section and you would be instantly added, welcomed, and cherished.

What can you publish?

You can publish anything that fits under the following tags —

  1. Humor- I love this genre and can’t get enough of it. This was obviously my first choice and I would love if writers bring some humor around here. Especially, humor with Indian spices. It is impossible that a country with a huge population cannot generate enough laughter for the entire world.
  2. Life- Humor, and life for me go hand-in-hand. What is life without humor? So if you have taken the responsibility to spread some smiles around here, why not try and spread some wisdom too. Life in itself is such a vast topic, almost everything around us is life. So you can go nuts with this one.
  3. Stories- Life is full of stories. And we all have stories to share. Sometimes we have been a part of that story and sometimes just an onlooker. Sometimes, we create a fictional story and sometimes we write stories about others. But every story that is told has a lesson to share. It always teaches us something before leaving and this is what we want from you.
  4. Poetry- If you can put together some words in a rhythmic pattern, to express your emotions, and make some sense out of it, congrats, you have just become a poet. I never thought I could write poetry ever, but Medium made it happen for me. If that’s the case with you too, you're more than welcome to share your poetic side with us.
  5. Self-improvement- If you have some important life experience in any given area, which can help the readers in self-improvement, then please share it with us. We would love to voice your opinions that have weaved magic in your life. Let’s share some magic with others as well.
  6. Life Lessons- Life has so much to offer and so much to learn. If you faced a life situation that taught you something valuable and if you feel that can help someone to make their life easier, then please do share it with us.

Length of your stories

Articles that extend from 1 min read- infinity. They’re all are welcome.

Before you submit

I will reject your piece only if —

  1. It contains hateful content with a regressive approach.
  2. It defames a particular person, religion, caste, creed, sex, state, or nation.

When can you expect your piece to be published?

Less than 24 hours. If you’re submitting at night as per the IST, then it may take longer.

Know your Editor-in-Chief

I know with every writer I add here, I will be dancing all over the moon. I will work super hard to make this pub work this time.

You can also visit the link below to understand the editor on a deeper level.

Why the name ‘’Moon Light Confessions’’?

Simply because I work under the moon. I am awake all night, and all bright ideas come to me after midnight.

The night is associated with Moon Light. So, there came Moon Light Confessions. Simple!

How to reach me?

Simply email me at



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