How to build your base on the Moon

Building is about to get started in the MoonCryptoPolis blockchain game this year. Here is how you can proceed with creation of your very own moon base to excavate resources once the game launches.


Fully constructed and well-maintained moon base produce resources that can be used to accomplish contracts with valuable rewards. Built by players, moon bases consist of different modules (also referred to as buildings) those are connected to each other. Buildings can only be connected with existing buildings, so that all parts of the moon base will always be in one piece.

The moon base always started with the Command Center — it has to be constructed first, as this allows for construction of all other buildings. Only a Command Center can be constructed without connection to other buildings on the gaming map.

Buildings for resources excavation (Sub Surface Mine and Tunnel Mine) can be constructed only in close proximity to resource spots that grants a moon base direct access to resources.

Different parts of the Moon base can be connected with subterranean roads (gateways) those are cheap to construct and maintain.

To build a base, players need to have several connected tiles at their disposal (at least 4 of them). It is a fundamental requirement to connect initial set of buildings.

Simple Base

An example of the very simple base to be constructed that consists of the obligatory Command Center, Solar Arrays to produce electricity, Living Block to create some room for workers and a Deep Mine that generates Water Ice.

Another configuration of the moon base that can be built on 5 moon plots includes Quarry that produces Helium3 and Launch Pad that makes possible sending resources to sale and allows for moon base upgrades.

As Water and Helium3 resources do not require any refinery they goes directly to user’s account.

Advanced Moon Base

Allows to handle the full production line from excavating the Ore and refining it to Rare Earth Metals, Gold Ore and Titanium with significant storage facilities.

High-Tier Moon Base

Features upgraded Command Center and all mining facilities, two Living Blocks, Recreation Block, and a claimed spare tile :)


That’s what your moon base can actually be.

Building Requirements

Modules require Workers and Energy to operate and may require some resources to be constructed. Upgrades may require some buildings (like having a Launch Pad on the moon base) as well as some resources.

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