MoonCryptoPolis Blockchain Game Explained

The new blockchain strategy game built on Ethereum smart contracts demonstrates a completely new approach on how decentralized games are built and played.

MoonCryptoPolis takes place on the virtual copy of the real Moon, where players will be able to acquire their own part of the Moon surface to establish a base for excavating valuable resources to be converted in Ether.


The virtual Moon is divided into sectors, each with its stock of resources (valued in Ether) and a unique gaming map consisting of land plots.

Each sector has its own stock of resources to be collected by players.

Sectors are sold on auction by virtual corporations those define the auction starting bid, land plots prices and resources excavation speed.

Each corporation has its own rules for sector acquisition and resources collection.

When the sector is sold, half of its final price goes directly to resources fund (45% for current sector, 5% for Global Reserve Fund). Sector’s fund then grows with every land plot sold and every building constructed or upgraded in this sector.

For example, if sector was sold for 10 ETH, it already has at least 5 ETH in resources valuation. After some land plots are sold it can be already 10–15 ETH.

After winner is defined for the sector auction, normally it takes 24 hours for land plots to become available to be claimed on the sector map.

Sector owner gains part of Ether spent by every player purchasing a land plot or building a moon base. Every sector is an ERC-721 token that can be traded freely between players.

Sector Map

In order to build a moon base player should claim some adjacent land plots in the sector.

The most common strategy is to claim land plots near Ore Spots those will allow to construct then a Tunnel Mine and Sub-Surface Mine (to excavate Ore that contains valuable Metal resources).

Please keep in mind that a fully operable moon base consists of minimum 5 modules (Command Center, Mine with Refinery or Quarry, Living Block, Storage, Landing Pad), those require 5 land plots situated near each other.

Well-developed moon base on the sector map.

Land plots can be traded between players only on internal marketplace. 
Land plot with a moon base module can not be sold on the marketplace, 
only a whole moon base can be offered. Moon base is an ERC-721 token that can be traded freely between players.

Hardcoded Price Growth

Every time someone purchases a land plot it rises the price for 24 land plots around it. In case someone purchases a land plot near your one you receive part of Ether spent by player.


Excavated resources can be converted to Ether (sold to the game smart contract) that will be transferred directly to player’s digital wallet.

Tunnel and Sub-Surface Mines extracting Ore with resources from Ore Spot.

A moon base is required to extract resources. 
There are two major types of resources:

  1. Contained within Ore Spots to be then extracted from Ore: 
    Titan, Platinum, Rare-Earth Metals, Gold
    (Produced by “Tunnel Mine” and “Sub-Surface Mine” with the help of “Refinery” moon base module).
  2. Those can be excavated directly on any land plot: H2O, Helium3 
    (Produced by “Deep Mine” and “Quarry” moon base modules).

In-game contracts allow to convert resources directly to Ether. The more resources the contract is required the higher will be the price for a piece.

Please note that resources can not be traded between players.


The Global Reserve Fund is formed by part of the Ether spent on sectors’ auctions and all the Ether spent in sectors in which building was started.

This fund is then distributed equally between all other sectors left to be opened. That means every next sector will have slightly more Ether in resources valuation with the last sector being the most resources-rich.

Just getting started!

MoonCryptoPolis game is in development stage at the moment. Early sectors and land plots reservation started 28 Dec 2018. Building and resources excavation will be launched Early 2019, certain date to be announced soon.

Learn more about the project in MoonCryptoPolis White Book.

Launch Game, Official Website