2019: Turning Vision into Reality

Starting 2019 with a very brief text on our’s own account: 2018 was a big year for Moondock. In the presence of a maturing and dynamic market we finalised our platform prototype, increased our team with even more great talent and intensively travelled the globe in order to build up Moondock’s awareness as well as grow our network of strategic partners. 2019, even more exciting times are ahead of our journey.

Our moondock venture expert community is growing at pace, their support, vision and know-how is incredibly invaluable in helping us create and grow the Moondock platform as we envision it. Make sure to watch the next weeks where we will be reaping the fruits of last months’ efforts by announcing our latest venture experts expansion which will unlock more strategically allocated corners of the globe.

Since we are intensively preparing our market and token launch please do subscribe to our newsletter here https://moondock.io/newsletter-signup or our social media announcements to get in line with the latest updates on how our community will finally be able to…

“…contribute to the world’s most promising blockchain startups and help shape the ideas of the future”.

It comes without saying that all of this is only complemented by a great product at the very core. You can check out the first features and expected functionality of the Moondock App in our video collection on Vimeo.