Collecting BitCrystals with Mooniz App

A warm welcome to our fellow members of the Spell of Genesis community! As part of our partnership with Everdreamsoft, you can collect BitCrystals via our software Mooniz App.

Updated — 18/01/2018

The latest release of Mooniz App V 0.2.1 enables you to collect BitCrystals with spare CPU power! This step by step guide will help you get started.

1. Create a Mooniz account

The user must first create an account on the Mooniz website.

A user creates an account at

Enter your email and chosen password and an account will be created for you.

Add a name to the organisation field and make sure to agree to the ToS and privacy policy.

A user agreeing to the ToS and privacy policy

Ensure that you validate your account by clicking the validation link (this will be emailed to you).

This user has successfully validated their account.

2. Download Mooniz App

Once you’ve created an account, download Mooniz App from your back office. This can be achieved by clicking the “Get the App” button from the main menu.

A user’s back office

Click the “Download” button on the following screen to get the app!

A user downloads Mooniz App

The download should start automatically. Complete the installation and run the software.

3. Sign in via Mooniz App

From the main menu, click the profil logo.

The Mooniz App interface without the user logging in

Enter the same username and password combo you chose during the signup process.

A user logging in via Mooniz App

4. Enable BCY collection

To start collecting BitCrystals, choose BCY from the coin selection menu.

Go to the “Coin Selection” tab to do this.

A user select BCY from the Coin Selection tab

Click “Start Collecting Now” to get started!

The home menu gives you live stats about how much you’re currently collecting.

A user observes hourly and daily coin rates

5. Follow your progress

Log in to the Mooniz back office to see how much BCY you’ve collected

A user can follow their total earnings per day

Simply go to:

Analytics → Mining

Then click → BitCrystals — BCY from the drop down box. Confirmed BCY is displayed via a chart.

6. Withdrawing BCY

To withdraw your BitCrystals. Click on the “Balance” tab from the menu and select BitCrystals — BCY from the drop-down box:

A user withdrawing BCY

Note — A minimum balance of 60 BCY is required to make a withdrawal. When you click the withdraw button, you will be asked for your BCY wallet address. Enter this to proceed to payment.

Start using Mooniz App to collect BCY by signing up for an account now.

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