BitMoony Desktop app beta announced

We’re pleased to announce the release of the beta version of our app! This version looks similar to the modal browser version but it allows your users to earn bitMoony much faster.

A visitor downloads the app from your website and you both get a cut off the profits

Key differences

The main differences for this app version are:

  • Downloadable (Windows only) by your users from your website
  • Your users can collect bitMoony tokens far quicker and more efficiently
  • All CPU threads can be used (only 50% are used in the browser version)
  • Can function in the background
  • Automatic updates
  • Scheduled mining function

bitMoony app was created to offer your users a faster method of earning bitMoony tokens and the scheduled mining feature means they can do this when they sleep:

Your users can set the scheduler to collect whilst they sleep!

Beta Test the App!

You can get your shareable link at on the “App” menu from your backoffice. Encourage your users to try it out!

Note — The application has been signed with this certificate in order to add a layer of trust in it.

Whats next?

We’re constantly improving code and functionalities, the next release will allow users to choose which currency they want to mine. People aware of cryptos may choose XMR while others might prefer bitMoony which can be redeemed for games and other cool content on Loot.Game.

Thanks for reading!

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