Moonlight (LX) lists on Switcheo

Since Moonlight (LX) smart contract upgrade has been delayed until more testing can be done, we are happy to announce that Moonlight (LX) will be re-listed on Switcheo Exchange for the time being. The listing will allow users to trade LX against NEO.

Deposits are now open for LX and trading will start on 7 April, at 4pm SGT.

About Moonlight:

Moonlight is a decentralized workforce and project management platform anchored on the NEO blockchain. It provides improved liquidity to conventional resource management activities by integrating ‘gig economy’ mechanics into an analytical project management platform. Tasks completed in Moonlight are published to a user’s address on the blockchain which acts as a trustless resume. The project therefore provides a public ledger of contributor work experience and a match making algorithm to effectively fulfill project needs using a global pool of qualified contributors. This data is also leveraged by the ecosystem’s project tracking and staffing tools.

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About Switcheo:

Switcheo Network is the first decentralized exchange on the NEO blockchain which now allows trading of Ethereum and NEO tokens. Switcheo Network strongly focuses on delivering a world-class trading experience in a trustless and decentralized environment.

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