Moonlighting Weekly — Feb 07, 2018

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Power to the Freelancer. It’s Just the Start.

“As CEO of a fast growing tech company, it’s becoming more important than ever to stay focused and remember why we started Moonlighting three years ago. Ritesh, Roy, and I wanted to help those people who need to make money the most find employment quickly right from their mobile device. It was never about control or greed for us, but more about independence and security, rights that everyone deserves access too.”

Read more from CEO Jeff Tennery as he talks about Moonlighting, its Mission, and the Power of Blockchain.

Interview with Real Investment News

Real Investment News takes a look at how digital currency can benefit businesses and consumers alike through in-depth interviews with the experts. Moonlighting CEO and Co-Founder, Jeff Tennery, spoke with Real Investment News on how we got started and how Moonlighting will profit from the upcoming ICO. Get these answers and more in this special. Watch the interview now.

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