Moonlighting ICO Weekly — Jan 31, 2018

News and updates from Moonlighting

The release of our very own crypto wallet is quickly approaching, but we’re just too excited to keep its progress all to ourselves. As the first integration point of blockchain into the Moonlighting platform, the development of our new Moonbit Wallet is progressing quite nicely!

For those of you familiar with crypto wallets like MyEtherWallet, our lightweight browser-based Ethereum wallet will look and feel very familiar.

While the adoption of cryptocurrencies is reaching a broader mainstream audience, the security, usage, and management of these currencies are still common concerns for even the savviest of users.

The Moonbit Wallet will help to educate our Moonlighting users on recommended safety precautions and provide them with a clean interface that boasts top notch ease of use, safety, and security.

Get ready to track, send, and receive cryptocurrency like a boss with the new Moonbit Wallet.

What do you think of the new Moonbit Wallet? We’d love for you to share any feedback you have on our Discord channel!

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