Moonlighting Weekly — Feb 21, 2018

News and updates from Moonlighting

We’ve moved to Telegram

Thank you to everyone who has joined the conversation with us on Discord. Based on increasing international demand, we have added a new Telegram Channel that will act as our primary communication method. We will remain active on Discord for now, but will phase this channel out as we move closer to the token sale date.

We appreciate all your questions and participation on Discord so far and look forward to keeping you informed of all important updates on Telegram. Join the conversation on Telegram now.

The Chad and Cheese Podcast

Moonlighting Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff Tennery, joined Chad and Joel of the Chad and Cheese Podcast to discuss what blockchain and cryptocurrency have to do with recruiting, what’s a Moonbit and if Moonlighting is backed by Bruce Willis. Listen to the podcast to find out.

Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference Recap

Last week’s Dallas trip to Bitcoin, Ethereum & Blockchain SuperConference was a success! Jeff spoke to a great audience of blockchain startups, and crypto journalists, all with keen interest in projects just like ours. Look out for more updates and news on what’s come out of this trip.

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