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May 1 · 3 min read

Welcome to the Moonpig Engineering blog and thank you for reading.

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At Moonpig we’re all about making people’s days brilliant -helping our customers wow that special someone with our wide range of top quality, thoughtful and personalised gifts, cards and flowers.

We’ve been on the scene since 2000 and have made over 100 million Moonpig moments for our customers here in the UK and as far afield as the US and Australia. Since our humble beginning, we have grown into a technology company that’s a lot more than greeting cards and a jingle.

What you might not know about us, is that our website and mobile apps are only a small part of what we do. As we own the full end-to-end process (manufacturing and fulfilment included), we are presented with unique engineering opportunities and challenges. We are really excited about what we do and our roadmap for the future, so it is time to start sharing our challenges, learnings and happy Moonpig moments with anyone interested in knowing more.

How does Moonpig Engineering work

Over the years, we have grown into a big Engineering team, now spread across two different locations — London and Manchester.

Encouraging a collaborative culture across the business, , we are organised in cross-functional teams, where engineers, product managers, designers and data analysts work together as one to achieve Moonpig’s goals.

We’re currently in the middle of a large replatforming project , putting most of the team’s efforts behind the transfer to a microservice based architecture.

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What does the new platform look like?

Well, that’s for the engineers to decide. For now, we have some guiding principles that follow:

  • Cloud first
  • Fully distributed and event driven
  • Async everywhere
  • Pre-rendering content
  • PaaS wherever possible

And this means you’re going to see us talking about our experiences and challenges with AWS, nodeJS, ContentStack, commercetools, .NetCore, React, GraphQL and much more.

What should you expect from this blog?

Probably you have a rough idea by now, but we want to highlight that this blog is not going to be strictly about technical subjects. In our day to day work we get involved with Product, Design, User Experience etc… and in many occasions we feel there is a fine line between what’s purely technical and the above areas.

And yes, this means that you will be reading posts written by different subject experts, with different perspectives and points of view.

Want to get involved?

If all this sounds interesting, don’t hesitate to follow us on our social media channels and stay tuned — we’ll be publishing new posts on this blog regularly, and you can also listen to our engineering podcast on SoundCloud. And most importantly, if you’d like to join the Moonpig team, keep an eye on any new job opportunities on our Careers portal.

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