Moonshots — a new approach to innovation

One week ago, everyone at Moonpig downed tools to spend five days focusing entirely on innovation, in what was our first ever “Moonshots” event.

We asked everyone in the company to come up with “Moonshots” — bold new ideas to explore. Moonshots could come from anyone and could apply to any aspect of the business, whether it be a new feature for our website or apps, an ambitious product launch or a different way of marketing. We kept it as open as possible with just a few ground rules; all ideas had to be:

  • Relevant to customers
  • Deliverable in a week

The response was incredible with more than 20 ideas submitted. Each idea was assessed by the UX, Product and Tech teams to understand the customer value, technical feasibility and UX effort required to deliver the idea in 5 days.

Kicking off last Wednesday (17th May 2017), 18 teams, formed from across the business, set out to deliver 18 ideas. For 5 days the office buzzed with excitement as the teams focused on getting ambitious projects from paper to production.

With hopes high, we gathered yesterday afternoon to see the results — and we weren’t disappointed. The scope and scale of what had been achieved was staggering. Some ideas were bold and ambitious, while others were simple but beautifully executed and seemed to fit perfectly in to existing products.

But it was also evident that Moonshots has achieved so much more than lots of new features and products. The level of collaboration has been a fantastic side effect, and teams are already discussing how to foster that collaboration on a daily basis going forward. Many people have had an opportunity to get closely involved in product development and experience a completely different way of working. It’s also reminded us just what we can achieve in a week; it’s reminded us to be ambitious.

We’re now reviewing the event, gathering feedback from everyone involved, and looking at how we make this a regular part of Moonpig life.

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